9 December 2018

There is nothing worse than having all your Essential Oils floating around in the bottom of you bag... they get knocked around...and are hard to find.

I wanted a smallish pouch that would keep them nice and safe... and I figured it would be pretty easy to whip up a pattern. This is a very simple pattern...it has raw edges and a string closure.

Its not fancy....so if you are after fancy....Pop over to Etsy ..there are a beautiful ready-mades or even easy to follow patterns.

My rollerball pouch caters for the non-sewer.


  • Fabric - I used two designs... an outer and a lining.
  • Cotton batting / wadding - mine was a nice thin version. An alternative would be felt.
  • a piece of cotton or ribbon to use as a tie
  • Sewing machine


  • Create a template - on an A4 sheet of paper - draw a rectangle 10 inch x 5 inch
  • Cut the rectangle pattern out of fabric x 2 and wadding.
  • Place the wadding on the table... place the outer fabric 'right side up' on top of the wadding... and then the lining fabric 'right side down' so that the right sides are together...and you have the wrong side lining on top.

  • Stitch the bottom short edge with a narrow seam.
  • Flip the lining over to the back of the wadding. You now have a wadding sandwich with a neat seam at the bottom.

  • Press so its all nice and flat and the edges meet.
  • With lining side up - fold the bottom up appox 3.5 inch - you will now have the neat seam forming a pocket. Check your rollerballs sit nicely in the fold.

  • pin  the folded pocket in place and stitch around the entire pouch with a narrow seam.
  • Add a cotton tie as a closure - I tacked it in place with a small stitch at the back.

I hope my instructions are easy to follow... if not... the photo images will help.

Keep the seams small..mine were approx 5mm 
Trim any excess so the edges look neat.
These will fray to the seam as the edges are not neatened... but I quite like that.

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