Simply Loving These #11

29 March 2019

Here we go again with another 'Simply Loving These' post..... a little round up of things that grab my interest online and out in the world.

1. When I first jumped into my life of Essential Oils I was fully focused on all the ways to reduce the toxic load in our home with natural options. Over time I became aware of the emotional benefits I was experiencing and I am loving exploring that further. I recently added Rose to my collection...and have been learning more about its amazing benefits...  its only used for its aroma...but also skin imperfections... and even reducing lower back pain in pregnancy. (Read that Pubmed study here)
(If you are interested more in Essential Oils... I am always happy to chat over any questions your have)

2. Its been awhile since I scrapbooked anything.... but I have started to feel that tug again. This morning as I scrolled my Insta feed I was really taken in by the beautiful work of Bea Vailint ... and in particular... this watercolour mini album she had created. Maybe ...just maybe Ill get some supplies out soon.

3. While on the topic of scrapbooking have you checked out the AWESOME FREEBIES that Kellie from 'Kellie Stamps' is sharing as par of her 31 minutes for 31 days project. I had really wished to take part this year but time hasn't been on my side. I have loved watching the projects filter through my Insta feed and once again Kellie is incredibly generous with her talents.

4. My latest PODCAST love.... 'Sounds Like Bliss' by Tara Bliss ...  I love Taras soft and considered way of speech...and her magical view on emotions..thoughts and experiences. I encourage you to have a listen.

5. Did I mention my daughter is pregnant? They are welcoming their much awaited little bundle into the world mid year. We are all so excited. Its meant that all the 'baby stuff' has come onto my radar...and I have been oooohing and ahhhing over lots of beautiful things now available. What I am particularly excited about it the number of sustainable products on the market.... like these reuseable cloth nappies by My Little Gumtree  how gorgeous and practical are these!! Lots better than the white squares I had to wash and fold back in the day.

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  1. Omg so excited for you all about B’s pregnancy ����