Simply Loving These - #15

29 July 2019

These Simply Loving posts are among my favourite.... I love the chance to share what I am reading...watching....creating and learning. 

1. I have had my wool and crochet hook out again.... I've been crazily crocheting hats for the kids..I think so far I have made 8 or 9 ... I have also been pinning lots of different patterns and ideas on my Pinterest Board.

2. I try SO hard to be plastic free... and I recycle everything I can including the soft plastics into the REDCYCLE waste bins at Coles.... and yet...I am married to a man who continually purchases bloody freezer bags and kills me!! 

3.  Talking of Plastic Free.... there is a great post here on 20 Tips for a plastic Free July.

4. I have been glued to this incredible social experiment documentary on SBS - The Up Series follows a group of British 7 year they grown up. Each 7 years they are re-interviewed and its absolutely brilliant to watch. (A huge thanks to Amanda Hall for tipping me off about this one)

5. How amazing does this Broccoli Pesto Pasta look?? I have been making Broccoli Pesto often lately. Our local Veg outlet has had organic Broccoli really reasonably priced.

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