Simply Loving These - #16

27 August 2019

Its time for another 'Simply Loving Post'... a little snapshot of whats taken my fancy lately.

1. I met a lovely friend for coffee the other day...and she suggested the Deliciously Ella App... ... so I tried the free trial and LOVED it. I have now subscribed! It is plant based.... but its a great stepping stone for our weekly meals. allows you to meal plan and it creates the shopping list in the process. The recipes I've made so far are have been fabulous...right up my alley. Like this pesto pea pasta above - photo credit to Deliciously Ella.

2. On the topic is meal planning....I decided I would like to prep meals ahead... and the Eating Well Site has some brilliant posts around meal planning....bulk prepping.. and recipes.

3. Do yourself a huge favour.... and jump over to the 'Who Gives a Crap' site and buy your toilet paper...tissues and paper towel. There is no plastic... no trees are lost.... and they have really quirky marketing. We have been using their products for well over a year.... and love them.

4. I have been watching the final series of Offspring on Netflix....yeah I screened long ago.... but somehow I missed the boat and its taken me all this time to catch up. I am still totally smitten with the Nina Proudman wardrobe.... that girl has a look I love!! I just happened to google you do... and found a pretty nifty post on the 'Styling You' Blog.

5. I am still trialing different versions of my Homemade Laundry Powder and Products.... I have had great success with some.... and not as much with others.
Do you wonder why I would bother?  Well.... if you think about how close our clothes are to our skin and that we potentially absorb all the residual chemicals ..fragrances and fillers... its not a great thought!  I like to know that the products I wash my clothes in are safe.
I came across another article and some recipes to try HERE.

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