4 February 2020

Here we go... a long overdue 'Simply Loving These' post.... I can not believe its #21

1. The most lovely thing happened last week.... I was gifted a beautiful book of preserving - 'A Year in a Bottle by Sally Wise' by a lovely friend who felt I would use it more than her. It was a true random act of kindness... and I made a mental note to pass that random act on. Thankyou Gale F ...if you read this.... I want you to know how much I appreciate it...and the Onion Jam I made this week was ahhmazing. Oh and it led me to the Author 'Sally Wises Blog'...which is an absolute delight and right up my alley.

2. How cool is Outschool!! Have you seen it before or experienced it? I can not wait to book my grandbabies into some classes during the holidays...there are so may cool things they can learn.

3. I've been toying with the idea of buying this pattern - Triangle Peaks by Quilty Love to make for Hamish.

4. I also made up a batch of dill cucumbers using a recipe I love in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden cookbook.

5. Podcast Recommendation - The Wellness Guys - TWG 142: Chemicals that makes us fat depressed and toxic with Kim Morrison - Highly worth a listen.

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