Western Australia trip - the Coral Coast Part 2 (Carnarvon to Shark Bay)

29 December 2023

We weren't sure what to expect as we arrived into Carnarvon but we actually really enjoyed our stay. It might have helped that we had lovely van park neighbors but I also loved the whole 'fruit bowl' vibe with all the fruit stalls and farm direct outlets. We stocked up on all sorts of delicious goodies... including over a kilo of frozen mango cheeks and choc coated bananas on sticks. 

There is a lot to do in Carnarvon as well.... a great museum out at the heritage listed mile long jetty an epic cactus garden and the space museum.

We left Carnarvon and double backed a short distance to Quobba Point. I've heard the station stay there is good but we chose to stay at the point just down from the blowholes.
It turned out to be one of our most favourite spots! We were camped overlooking the beach and the whales were moving up the coast so close that we could hear them slapping the water and blowing huge sprays of water. It truly was the closest whale watching we had ever encountered. 
The blowholes were definitely worth a look as was the men fishing from the rocks using huge balloons.

We also happened to park alongside two other couples who was made wonderful friendships with and continued to catch up with over the coming weeks as we travelled down the coast. Then if that wasn't enough we were told about a specific snorkeling spot right on the point... it didnt appear to be much until you slid into the water but omgosh it was incredible. It was seriously we were floating in an aquarium. I would say it was one of most favourite snokelling spots of the entire trip.
Quobba was so kind to us in every way... the weather... the wildlife...and the lifelong friends we met.
The last morning of our stay here the weather came in grey and drizzling so we knew it was time to leave and we headed back into Carnarvon to the same park in almost the same spot for one last night with our Carnarvon Caravan park friends.

It was time to move on down toward Shark Bay but we made sure to stop a night at Wooramel Station on the way because we had heard about their artesian hot spring tubs. We camped under the huge shady trees on the dry river bed and wandered down for a long soak in the tubs.

From Wooramel station we headed in the direction of Shark Bay and our stopover at Denham. 
On the way down to Denham we stopped in at Hamelin Pool and the Stromatolites and saw the quarry where they cut the shell bricks that were used for building.

Its also well worth pulling in to Shell Beach which is covered in trillions of small cockle shells up to 10m deep. 

Denham was a lovely spot and the Caravan Park was fabulous. We snagged a spot right on the beach which was nice. Their visitor information centre has a great HMAS Sydney display as well and by now we had been following the tragic story of the HMAS Sydney as we moved down the coast.

From Denham we explored Monkey Mia and Francois Peron National Park. We also enjoyed a visit to Ocean Park and learned a lot about the marine life of the region. 

Monkey Mia was crowded but worth doing once just for the information that was shared during the talk. I was so sad to hear that they stopped people from having as much contact with the dolphins after idiots were caught putting bottle caps down their blowholes. I cant even imagine what sort of kick you could get from doing that to these beautiful animals.

I had been pretty keen to visit Francois Peron National Park right from the beginning of our trip. The images Id seen of the red cliffs meeting the turquoise ocean had grabbed my heart strings. Clearly travelling in a motorhome makes a trip like that impossible so we booked a day trip with Shark Bay 4WD.. and Genevieve our tour guide took us out for an amazing day. It was worth the dollars in my opinion... the road was rough and long but the view at the end was every bit as wonderful as I imagined.

The Things we missed - 
  • Its hard to know - Shark Bay region has so many places to explore with 4WD but the roads are rough. Fortunately the motorhome got us into all the main spots we wanted to go.

The most expensive fuel - 
  • $1.88 at Denham

Caravan Park Stays - 10
Low Cost / Off Grid / Rest Stops - 5

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