Western Australia Trip - Turquoise Coast - (Jurien Bay to Ledge Point)

29 December 2023

Gosh I wish we had known about this gem of a spot in advance. Milligan Island Campsite  is a ripper! It was secluded... the beach was covered in shells and a delight to walk. We spent a lovely evening / night tucked in at this spot with fabulous amenities. I wish we had made time for a longer stay.

From Milligan Island we took a detour out and did the Lesueur National Park drive. Its a one way loop through over 900 species of wild flowers - a wildflower wonderland that didn't disappoint. 

Next stop was lovely Jurien Bay. We had heard about the Sea Lion Swim tour out of Jurien Bay so managed to get a couple of spots early the next morning. It was a lot of fun and the sea lions were very playful .. swimming all around us. The downside is it was freezing in the water!!

From Jurien Bay we headed toward Lancelin / Ledge Point. 
We made a quick Lobster Shack lunch stop in Cervantes and enjoyed a lobster lunch. It was nice but quite touristy. Then it was on to the Pinnacles at Nambung National Park. These are incredible limestone pillars dating back to 30000 years.

We had heard the Ledge Point was a beautiful spot - just down the road from Lancelin and we totally agreed. It was possibly one of the loveliest parks we stayed at. From here we visited the Lancelin sand dunes .. played golf and fished. 

The most expensive fuel - 
  • $2.14 at Lancelin

Caravan Parks - 6
Low Cost / Off Grid / Rest stops - 1

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