How do I buy doTERRA Essential Oils?

There are 2 Options for getting started ...
  1. Pay a $35 membership fee (like Costco or Linen Lovers) this gives you your own wholesale account where all products are 25% off....   You can then select any products you like.
  2. OR buy an enrolment kit like the Home Essentials Kit where the $35 is already included. (This the most cost effective way to start.)
How simple is that!

What is the most popular kit?

The Home Essentials kit is one of the most popular kits ..  it comes with our 10 most popular and versatile oils plus the petal diffuser.... plus the $35. Membership fee is included... so it offers huge savings.

Not wanting such a large kit? - The Family Essentials kit is a great little starter. It comes with a bottle of Smart and Sassy well as the Top 10 oils in 5ml size (no diffuser)

Or ... just recently we have some new options.... you can get started with a Wellness Box. Maybe SLEEP is your focus? ... perhaps getting started with the Bedtime Bliss Wellness Box is your choice.

"The Home Essentials Kit is awesome value and comes with an enrolment package... your own wholesale membership...your own doTERRA site and private support."

To help with choosing your Starter Kit... or starter oils... you can download / view the Product Guide 
HERE -   I have added in the Enrolment Kit details below. 

Setting up your wholesale membership.

Once you are ready to get started  ... visit my doTERRA website -  or click the image below.

  • Select JOIN AND SAVE
  • Choose your country
  • Select local (OTG) order
  • Choose  Wholesale Customer (personal use - can be upgraded to Wellness Advocate later)
  • Enter your details
  • MAKE SURE THE ENROLLER ID SAYS Mardi Winen 5504971
  • Create a password - (make it something you find easy to remember.)
  • Select your enrolment kit and any other products you might like.. Fractionated coconut oil is a great add-on.
  • Enter your payment details.
  • Choose any products you would like next month via the Loyalty Rewards Program. (I have information about the Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) in a separate tab.)
  • Tada... thats you enrolment taken care of....

What do I get with my doTERRA Wholesale Membership ...

  • Access to member prices - 25% discount on your initial purchase and anything else you buy for one year (with an option to extend your membership).
  • You can then order via your own wholesale account when you want, what you want and whenever you want. Your order is then delivered directly to your door. You have total control over what you order and how often.
  • You are welcomed into our Simply Mardi - Member Community in our private Facebook group just for our community. We offer full support, education and guidance as you embark on your oily adventure. It's a safe and loving community of like minded people all on their own oily adventure too.
  • You will receive a Welcome Pack from me which includes a free Wild Orange essential oil and a few practical goodies to get you started.
  • You will also have access to our monthly program that offers free oils each month and lots of other incentives should you decide to join.
I can not wait to welcome you into our community.

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