_LRP Program - How to order and edit your template

Well done... you have taken advantage of our generous L.R.P (Loyalty Rewards Program) and you will be very soon earning rewards for your purchases...as well as your shipping for free. (You get 8 points back for your shipping... how awesome is that!)

If you are still wondering what its all about?  You can read more information on how it works...and all the advantages by visiting this post  HERE

 But in short.... the loyalty Rewards is a monthly ordering Program...that offers you reward points back on your purchases and shipping. These points can then be redeemed for Essential Oils and product for free.

Some things to remember:

  • This is a monthly order program but you can edit the 'template' each month and have complete control over your spend. 
  • You can cancel at any time.... but the longer you are in the program the greater the rewards.
  • You can take advantage of LRP only offers like - The FREE oil of the month... and the LRP only Wellness Boxes.
  • You can order as much or as little as you like each month.
If you need assistance please reach out so I can explain it further.

So.... Let me walk you through the ordering process...  (these images are screenshots of an iPAD)

1) First Step - Login - https://www.doterra.com/AU/en_AU   You will need your email / ID and your password.

2)  As your device is logging in - a POP UP box will appear. You can actually use this box to enter direct into your LRP Template (Your LRP Template is where you will do all your ordering)

3) Once you open your LRP Template you have lots of information at hand..... and you can see what is in your cart ready to ship.

Some things to remember are:
  • Check your shipping address is correct.
  • Make sure your credit card details are correct.
  • Adjust your LRP shipping date if needed. Remember whatever is in your template will Autoship on the date selected.
  • I like to make my Autoship date the 13 - 14th - doTERRA release their monthly promos at the beginning of each month - so this gives me two weeks to decided on what I want in my order this month.
  • You can add things to your template easily using the 'drop down search bar'.
  • Or click 'Continue Shopping' to revisit the shop.
  • You can easily see the points you have accumulated.
  • Choose 'select' from the drop down if you want to redeem your points on an item in your template and get it for free.

4) Once your HOME screen opens you can choose to visit the SHOP in the top tab bar. Or open your LRP Template by clicking the grey box on the right side.

5) View your DASHBOARD screen by clicking the DASHBOARD tab at the top - this gives you an overview. 
  • You can see your current points earned.
  • Your current percentage of points reward - remember this starts at 10% and grows to a whopping 30% back.
  • You can also enter your LRP template by clicking the grey box.

I hope this helps to navigate your LRP easily. Remember to always SAVE changes you make in your template. Also keep in mind it will AUTOSHIP on the date set ...but you can edit what ships right up until the day before.

Any questions please message me.... I am happy to help.

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