Memos, Mail, Me : The very first painting....

28 February 2017

I'm a day late for Sians Memos, Mail, Me: prompt....which is traditionally a Monday gig. I tried...I really did....I thought about it all day yesterday... and I just couldn't come up with anything interesting at all.
It seemed we had a very mundane week.... and there certainly wasn't anything of interest in the post... but then yesterday afternoon at 3pm.....

There was a knock at the door....and this little man was was hiding around the corner.... to surprise me with his very first Kindy painting....
This was a pretty big deal.... lets say he has been far too busy in the sandpit or the playground to paint up until this point...unlike his sisters who churned out paintings and box creations faster than we could recycle.

I know its Tuesday...but its definitely worth the Memo...


  1. It certainly is!

  2. Yeah for the painting & he does look pleased.


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