30 April 2006

Well...this morning I have found that none of my links actually work...they look pretty but are totally non-functional. I will have to get some tuition on how to get them right...LOL
I have managed to put a photo in my profile but it is so pixel'y (sp) ....another lesson on how to resize photos to avoid that would be great......any budding tutors...please apply here!!

Well I worked night shift last night....it was nice to come home this morning. I have such a messy house at the moment. Washing is backing up out of the laundry and the entire house needs a tidy...Im thinking Monday will be the day...kids are back at school and I can just clean to my hearts content....sounds good in theory.

I spent most of yesterday scrapbooknig......I finished Julies CJ so it is ready to send on tomorrow...I hope she likes it...it was heaps of fun. I have completed two Layouts.....one for the SB Sketch challenge and another of Easter (just waiting to get the ok, from Leanne and Lucy before I upload it...it has photos of Lucy in it...and I think it only fair to check first.)

This is (or I should say 'was') the Layout for the SB sketch challenge...I was really happy with it..I had been wanting to record the transformation of Mitch's teeth for ages and this was a perfect oppurtunity. ...he has such a cheeky face and I think the third photo captures him perfectly...how often have I seen that face....mischief!!! (This Layout has been accepted by Scrapbooking Memories....so sorry it is gone..stayed tuned in the magazine)
Have a great weekend everyone......Mardi


  1. I love that layout! The colour on the black looks fantastic. I'll PM you about the links and stuff. I use Photoshop to resize my photos to about 300x300 pixels.

  2. Thanks Kathie....I have resized my photo and I think it looks better...I new there would be a simple way..Ta