19 years today ......

30 May 2006

OMGosh...can you believe that?
I have been married to my sweetie Ian for 19 years and we have actually been together 22 years...thats over half my lifetime.

This is another of the rabbits...this one is called Blizzard...I know that for sure.

Not much to report tonight...I have actually got busy on a Layout and dont want to stop while I have ideas in my head.

Brent spent the day picking pumpkins....junior Peter.
Funny thing happened.....he came home for lunch at the same time as Ian, and then went back to his pumpkin picking before Ian left.......Ian finished and went out to put his boots on...... and Brent had worn one of his and one of Ians.....you'd think he'd notice...but no...he just said "Dads going mental" and assumed he had the correct footwear........he's never wrong you know.

Mitch comes home from his trip to Adelaide tonight...I bet he's tired.
Must go.....dont want all my ideas to dissapear.
Mardi x


  1. ROFLMAO Mardi...how funny is the boot thing!!
    WOW 22 years with the same person!! lol. Happy anniversary to you both! Did you do anything to celebrate??
    Cute bunny too!
    Can't wait to see the LO. Glad someone is getting something done!!

  2. Hi Mardi, Congratulations & happy anniversary!!
    Fantastic blog, I hope mine gets to look as nice as this!

  3. hi Mardi
    congratulatons to you and Ian, that is a wonderful acheivement!
    hope that Lo is coming together now!(just read your other post too!)