Welcome....the bunnies...

29 May 2006

Well Im feeling much better today and I have had the hugest cleaning day...it feels great to be caught up with everthing. I have also had Brent home...and I have had him busy running errands and doing small jobs.......I bet he will be glad to start work next week and escape his bossy mother. Tomorrow he is going to pick pumpkins for the day.....a little extra money wont go astray with him.

I was up bright and early this morning....Mitch had to catch a bus at 6.00am...he is off to Adelaide on a school trip, staying overnight and spending the two days in Adelaide.....they do have a few educational visits but the highlight for him is McDonalds, ten pin bowling and the movies......why doesnt that surprise me.

I guess the biggest news around here at the moment is that Ian weakened and we inherited 4 wabbits.......even I almost regretted the decision when an enormous hutch and four bunnies arrived...especially when they explained one needs his teeth clipped regularly and another might be pregnant!! Ian just rolled his eyes and I knew better than to even speak.....Im just praying they are joking.
Briony is besotted by them and has spent every moment since their arrival cuddling, walking them and making their hutch comfy.
I think their names are Blizzard, Bucky, Honey Bunny and Buster...or something like that.
They are actually quite cute...dont you think?
Well thats all for me at the moment...off to finish ironing and putting clothes away........Mardi x


  1. Oh, those bunnies are too cute!!
    Looks like they have gone to a great home!!
    Great to hear you've accomplished alot today..I wish i could say the same!!

  2. Mardi, so glad Ian relented, even if there might be a "pregnant" one amongst them. Just think of the photo possibility with the babies. LOL. It sure looks like Briony has taken to them extremely well. Can't wait for layouts now ;)

  3. Ooh, rabbits bring back very bad memories for me. We had a bunny from Hell when I was little. I hope your are better behaved than ours was. Honestly, it acted like a little she-devil. And they look so cute and fluffy...
    It sounds like today you more than made up for your hanging on the couch on the weekend, lol.

  4. Bunnies! How cute!! Great pics. Glad you are feeling better Mardi ;)