My day, the Rollercoaster

8 May 2006

Well, I think it was not much more than three hours ago that I made a post saying how excited I was this week, and how I had so much I was looking forward too.....then I went to the mailbox.
Two things happened at the thing was great for two reasons........the other, has me sitting here, writing this and stuffing my face with potato chips.
Well Ill tell you the great things first.....because after you have read them......feel free to make a comment and
My much awaited parcel arrived from Scrapboxx.......I managed to order some really scrummy stuff.....not a huge amount, because I do most of my shopping at RSS...... but it's nice to buy some different goodies every now and then.....I got some gorgeous Lil Davis wood alphabets and some cute pp.....the other great thing, was my Freestyle book arrived (this being the whole reason for this order).....and its signed by Zina Wright, my favourite Zina!
I so cant wait to read this from cover to cover .......and just wait, Im sure there will be Freestyling Mardi Layouts coming
O.K if you only want the good bits.....STOP reading here!
The other thing in the letterbox was a letter to call the doctor regarding Mitch's last blood test.
At the end of Jaunary I took Mitch for a check up (he hadnt been 100%), they did the usual tests and everything came back fine except his iron levels. He had ok serum iron levels but no stores in his bones...the doctor was slightly puzzled but figured it would be nothing and for him to take a course of Iron tablets and then repeat the test.
The doctor and I both agreed that this would most likely fix it and that would be to speak. He had his repeat test on Thursday and the letter arrived heart sank, I wasnt expecting to hear anything.....this was all supposed to be fixed! So I have just phoned the surgery.....the closest appointment is the 23rd of frickin May......and his Iron levels are unchanged. I now have to stew on this for 2 weeks. Im sure it will all be nothing, he is obviously going to have to take this Iron replacement seriously and not forget to take it now and again.
I just wish I could go back to the doctors today......I want to know what could cause this.
I rang Ian to tell him....he is always so calm, he took the "dont panic Mr Mannering" approach.....and as he said, Mitch feels fine, has plenty of energy and doesnt look unwell so theres no need to panic....but thats what Mums do!
Anyway if you actually read to here you deserve a medal.....Im off to have a coffee to wash down the potato chips and read some of my Freestyle book to take my mind off it......oh did I tell you my book is signed by Zina


  1. Oh Mardi. I am thinking of you. Having to wait two weeks to see the specialist is just criminal. I am truely thinking of you and sending you good vibes and hugs. (Wish I could come and have a cuppa with you and a chat, just a little too far away).
    On a better note, I am glad you got your order from Maria. How is Zinas book, silly question really it will be divine and the wooden letters. Can't wait to see a layout with them in it :). Sending huge hugs your way Mardi. Take care. Bronny :)

  2. What awful news. I so hope that he's gonna be OK. Specialists are so damn hard to get in and see and the wait is interminable. Thinking of you both.
    I have a book signed by Zina too. Isn't it great? So much inspiration there. But, at the end of the day Freestylin' is pretty much about doing your own thing - as you can see from the 100s of different styles in the book.

  3. Hope everything turns out OK Mardi..thats such a long wait isn't it? Don't you just hate that?
    Glad you got a copy of Zinas book (and signed..LOL) What's it like?
    I only have 1 or 2 idea books but I'm really outgrowing those.
    Sharryn :)