Not much news here....

31 May 2006

This will be a very short post, because quite seriously I havent much to say!

This is the one only page I have managed in the last week that Im half happy with.....I just dont have it happening at the moment.....please reassure me that this happens to everyone.

This page is taken from an email that Kate sent to me about her feelings toward Briony.....I know Ive said it before but she is such a sweetie!
These gorgeous photos were taken by Kate's Mum Donna......Donna is responsible for a lot of my photos. Over the years there have been many "Kodak Moments"...and now I truly appreciate that Donna took all these photos.....when I thankyou!!

Im sulking with myself tonight, I need to go to bed and snap out of
These are a few of the reasons:

1.Im back to work tomorrow...boy! days off go unfair.
2. I went to a baby shower this morning....the only thing I had to do was wrap the parcel and get a card....I foolishly decided to make the card....but stupidly forgot that I cant scrap anything at the moment..and cards are no exception. So Belinda...If you read this...sorry. I guess the only consolation is that its really only whats written on the inside thats important...and I know the messages were lovely and very sincere.
3. I wore the wrong knickers with my everytime I bent over or sat..I had 4 inches of shiny blue knickers above my think that sounds gross...your right!! ( are probably all thinking..."I didnt really need to know that"..and your probably right...I just need it off my
4. I started another CJ with some girls on the 2peas site.....I busily made my just average CJ today...all keen to finish while I had all the papers out, I needed to know the exact number of participants to make the sign in page...and 2peas is Ive had to put it aside until I can get back onto the site.....I know its no big deal but it still makes my list.

Ooops....not bad for someone with nothing to say!....perhaps my title should have read " Not much happy news here...."

Actually a few happy things did happen:

1.Mum and Dad phoned ...and they are now in Darwin for a week or so...and having a great time...lucky ducks.
2. Brent accepted his apprenticeship tonight....he officially starts on Monday.
3.I received a RAK in the mail...containing flowers and tags and I was so pleased with it.....Thankyou sooo much Simple scrapper (Scrapboxx)

Ok....thats enough whinging from to bed.....Mardi xx


  1. well, I have to say, I like your middle name!!Love the Layout, loove the flowers, colours, journaling, photos- it doesnt look like youre in a slump- but i know what you mean, ive just gone through one, and its just harder to create, nothing flows like when youre on a roll-IYKWIM!hope work goes quickly for you, and thanks for the info on the nanna knickers-LOL ben there, done that

  2. Don't stress, your mojo will come home with its tail between its legs. Just concentrate on something else for a few days and you'll find you'll be itching to scrap again. We all need a rest sometimes, so our brains can get re-inspired. LOL at the knicker tale.

  3. Oh are such a dag!!! I love the is just beautiful and yes, so are the messages inside!! You sneeky little buggers, I had no idea..and I totally enjoyed every minute of it!!
    Well, It's ok to have a whinge once in awhile..if your me, Its more often!
    Bad knickers day hey!! lol..don't you hate that! roflmao.
    At least there were a few good things that happened after the bad!
    Congrats to Brent also...welcome to the workforce!!
    Your LO is stunning by the least you have something to show for the week, unlike me..still!!!


  4. Mardi, another stunning layout. And yes the no mojo does happen to everyone. Take care
    Bronny :)