Busy night....

3 June 2006

Well its now 1159am and Im straight off to bed for a couple of hours, when I finish this post.
I worked last night.....we were very busy all night.....with a job almost each hour until 4.30am....so not much rest at all. I did check for a full moon, but its not...so Im not sure what was happening...LOL
Actually I have just read back to myself what I have written and Im not sure it even flows in a logical manner...so if it doesnt read right....just put it down to sleep deprivation.
I toddled off to Netball with Briony this morning....once again they played well but lost.
The boys have a bye for footy this week...so Mitch has gone to golf with Ian and Brent has taken my car off to Waikerie to visit Alex (his Girlfriend) Brents pumpkin picking week came to an end...he was ecstatic with his pay and has already spent quite a bit...he did buy himself a gorgeous leather Billabong wallet..... and gave us $100.00 to put away for him for next weekend. (We are all heading back to spend the weekend with family and Brent wants to take a second car so he can take Alex too....so he has preplanned and put money away....Im impressed)

Ok....Im off to bed.
Have a great weekend everyone


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  1. Wow Mardi, You are a busy little pumpkin aren't you? I am impressed with Brents money planning. I hope it continues for him :)