Something Special

16 May 2006

I forgot to mention a lovely moment that occured on Saturday whilst I was at work.
Last fact, exactly a year ago on Saturday, we were called to an imminent birth at home and got to be part of a very special moment when a darling little girl came into this world.
This Saturday was her first birthday and my partner and I were asked to attend her birthday party and have some photos taken with her. I must say she is the cutest little girl and it was so hard to imagine that a year had flown by. I guess these are the special parts of this job.

On the home front all is well...status normal.

Talk soon....Mardi


  1. How special Mardi. Wow, i am sure you will remember that moment for the rest of your life!!
    I bet you felt special when you got an invite! They must definatly think alot of you.

  2. Wow Mardi. What a special occasion to be at. It would of been wonderful to see the wee girl 12 months on and I bet it brought back some wonderful memories :).
    Just read your other blog entry (I couldn't get on yesterday our network server was down, and boy I felt like my throat was cut). What a wonderful poem Briony wrote for mothers day. Have you thought of a layout idea for it yet?
    Sounds like Ian had a great day of golfing and what a great prize to win. Sorry you had to work mothers day but I am sure Ian and the kids made it up to you, well I hope they did. Take care Mardi. Love and hugs Bron :)