Happy Mothers Day

14 May 2006

Happy Mothers Day Mum......I am trying to phone but it just continually goes through to Message bank, so incase I dont get you on the phone.....hope you have had a lovely day.

Just thought Id include a couple of recent photos of the boys, looking very spectacular wearing the rings from a box of DVD'S, boys will be boys.....and they are so handsome!

I worked today....poor me! Mothers Day and Im working, never mind....someone has to.....just wish it wasnt me.
Well even though I have been at work over the weekend, the rest of the family have been busy enjoying themselves.
Brent and Mitch played footy.....they lost this week but Brent did get into the best players again.
Briony had netball....they also lost, Ian went to watch and said it was a close game.
Ian played in a golf tournament yesterday and their team won...they all came home very chirpy and he was very proud of his prize....an esky on wheels with a built in radio.....he had also gained the nickname 'albatross boy', it all seemed very funny to them.
Im glad he had such a great day.

Briony did write me a poem for Mothers Day, here it is:

My mum is very pretty
Some say she is very witty

She isnt very mean
and she doesnt like to clean

My mum hates cooking
But she is very good looking

My mum is very fair
and she doesnt care

That is why I love you mum

Love Briony 2006

No more from me tonight...hope everyone had a super Mothers Day.


  1. Hi there Mardi!!!
    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!!! I hope you had a fabulous day even though you had to work. Did you come home to a cooked tea at least??
    I LURVEEEE the pics of your boys....how funny!! Something to go on their 21st boards!!! lol
    How sweet, a poem from your DD. I thought the bottom line about you 'not caring' was funny!! is that the only thing that rhymed?? lol
    Your blog really looks teriffic!! I really enjoy the read!!
    Chat soon,

  2. ROFLMAO Belinda...I thought the same thing when I read the poem...Im hoping it was a rhyming issue....Because I think she knows I care. I didnt want to ask...incase she thought I didnt like her poem. How cute though.