Sunday and all is well...

7 May 2006

Sometimes there is just so much happening and so much to report....and then there is days like today......status normal...nothing!
So here goes the boring normality......

1.Briony had her first game of netball yesterday, she played goal attack and goal shooter and managed 11 goals in the three quaters she played.....they won and she was very happy. I think she will have a much better year this year....her coach is in her teens, a gorgeous girl and very fair with great team spirit.
It is so important to me that my kids learn there is more in being a good sportsman than in winning, and Im sure this coach works on the same philosophy....a stark contrast to last year when it was win at all cost and Briony spent half the season on the sideline because her coach refused to ever swap the girls positions.

2. Brent and Mitchell played footy against Lyrup and unfortunalty they lost....never mind there is always next week and as Ive just said theres more to footy than just winning the game. Brent was lucky enough to make the best player list he was a happy chap.

3. Ian played golf and I went to work....... hate working weekends.

Just lately I have been thinking a lot about the kids when they were small. I have been reading Kathie's Blog with a lump in my throat at her wonderfully descriptive entries on her dear boy. This has made me so aware of the fact that I recorded so little and had so few I got into their albums this week and scanned the best of the photos I had. I am going to do some 8.5 x 11 pages using these photos and record what ever details I can...and this size works wonderfully with these smaller photos - they lose too much quality when they are enlarged.
As I was scouring through I found these....nothing has changed, poor Mitchell is still the recipient of Brents love and as long as Mitchell never questions his place in this brotherly relationship...everything is fine......Im fairly sure from memory (in the bottom photo) that the dummy in Brents mouth was actually Mitchells and it wasnt long before Mitchell gave up on the dummy and resorted to his least Brent wouldnt pinch and suck ...Thanks for looking..........Mardi


  1. Mardi,
    I am really enjoying reading your blog! You write so well! I'm not a huge fan of weekends either..mainly because i have to work aswell and also that my weekly routine is out of wack!!! lol
    These pics of your boys are adorable! I bet it brought back a few memories going throught the old pics!!
    I am really looking forward to seeing what you do with them.
    Talk soon,

  2. Hey there Mardi. You are busy in your life aren't you. I love the idea of the smaller albums for the kids. I should get on and do something like that too. There is just so many photos. Scary thought. I love the photos of your boys :)

  3. Love it that I've inspired you to get out those old photos and scrap them. I'm sure the smaller format will be excellent for them. You know, apart from Jamie's LOs that I'm doing at the moment, the most favourite LOs I did before were the ones with all the old crappy photos from my childhood. It's so lovely to go reminiscing :). Have fun.