My first online class

4 May 2006

I did my first online clss yesterday...with Kim Archer. How organised is Kim, she is amazing even though there was a few hiccups with Typepad..she managed to get everything up and running smoothly and on time, in what must have been very trying circumstances.
The class was so easy to follow and a real hoot.
I was pleased with my Layout too ...but then I did my usual thing and started worrying about if I was allowed to post in a gallery or not. I was worried that because more people would be doing this class Kim may not want everyone to see it in advance......anyway..after seeing others upload theirs to galleries I figured its obviously my 'etiquette' panic again!

I have managed to do a couple of other Layouts in the last couple of days...but Im not sure if Im happy with them or not......I have them displayed in my scraproom to see if they grow on me or I have to pull them apart......everything looks different when you look a few days later.

I did do another in the 8.5 x 11 size and it so much quicker than the 12 x 12 and really great fun for a change.

Some more news on a different subject Mum and Dad have left today on their trip of a lifetime...or at least the first of many probably. I will not be seeing them for about 6 months...and the only feeling I have is when you read this Mum and Dad if you get sick of travelling at any time, Ian and I have offered to take over....LOL. ....and seriously when you do read this rememeber we will be missing you and wishing you a safe Mardi


  1. Do you do that too? I sometimes leave my LOs for a few days too. Before I add or subtract. You need a bit of distance sometimes, don't you.

  2. hey Mardi, finally got around to checking out your Blogg. I love it. :) You are doing some awesome layouts at the moment. Great work :)
    Love and hugs
    Bronny :)

  3. Mardi, your layout looks fabulous!
    I've seen a few around from the online class, and its great to see how different they all turned out!
    Mmmm, can i make a bet that you'll change your layouts that are sitting on your desk?? LOL
    Can't wait to see the finished products!!!