18 May 2006

Im off to the Scrapboxx Retreat in Augusta 2007.
Wow...Im sooooo excited! I am booked, and now starting to look for flights to Perth.
I was so envious of all the girls who went last time...and it sounded so much fun...I put it on my list of dreams....lol...anyway I put it to Ian this afternoon and he said...go for it, so I booked before he changed his mind. I have never ever flown before (other than in a small plane)....I ve never been on holiday without Ian and the kids before...I ve never even been in a ridgy didge airport...how cool is this going to be.
I cant wait to find out all the others that are going....hopefully Ill get to know some people.....put some faces to names and make some new friends....Yay!!
Anyone reading this that is going...let me know....anyone going ex. Adelaide definatly let me know...I might be the very perplexed traveller wandering around the airport......lol

Ok...I yesterday had the pleasure of seeing Belinda's gorgeous circle journal (CJ) it had been travelling around Australia for 12months and came home just beautiful...I loved it and I know Belinda treasures it very much.
I realised that I hadnt shared any pictures of mine anywhere and thought maybe I would.
My CJ is floating around Australia somewhere...and has only just started its
journey. I cant wait to get it home again filled with wonderful pages. Thanks for reading...Mardi


  1. Firstly b**ch, b**ch, b**ch. RAFLMAO. I am so envious of you. The boxx retreat. Oh I wish I lived near by and I could join you. you will have a ball and love it.
    I love your circle journal. It is absolutely divine. It will be wonderful to see it when it returns, all those wonderfully crafted pages, a real treasure to have.
    Take care
    Love and hugs Bron :)

  2. ROFLMAO Bronny....Im so excited for myself. Hope I dont catch the wrong plane or something.
    I dont want to wish my life away but I wish the day would hurry up and come.

  3. I am jelous!!!! While i sit home with two kids, you'll be off sipping coffee with Zina and Erica!!! lol
    Good on ya, I say.....you are going to luv every minute of it!!!
    Your CJ is just gorgeous.....it will be so exciting when you finally get it home.

  4. mardi
    your house is gorgeous, and so is the CJ. would love a house like yours, im a collector of all things old and well loved too!

  5. Oh Mardi, you will be fine. Just remember at the airports if you are unsure just ask. There is always plenty of wonderful helpful people around. Wish I could sneak across the ditch and join you though.

  6. Yummy cj!
    I'm so envious of you going to the retreat. I've never been on one either. It will be excellent!

  7. Woohoo Mardi!!!! I'll get to meet you since I'm going too!!! :o) :o)

    It was soooooooooo much fun last year - only 10 months to go! LOL

    Loving your layouts btw!
    Take care
    Ali :)