Does this look like a bricklayer?

19 May 2006

Today was just one of those absolutley fantastic days.......even the kids have had a good day.
Must circle this day on the calendar.....Im thinking that this must be our 'lucky star' day.
Mitch played 8 ball at school today...(they have a tournament that runs at lunchtimes) he played and beat a teacher who has only lost twice over the last few years. I was so happy for him....and he was very pleased with himself.

Then Brent arrived home with his great news.......he was offered an apprenticeship as a Bricklayer.....he has been working on a trial basis for the Bricklayer for a day a week since he applied for the job....and today he was offered the position. This is a huge marks the end of year 12 and a whole change in his life. I guess the next thing will be helping him to buy a car because the job is 30min. away from where we will mean early starts too.....welcome to the real world Brent. I am so proud of little baby is growing up.

I also had a little more success in the world of Scrapbooking today...I just love the surprises and oppurtunities that Scrapbooking brings.....I cant imagine life without it.

Tomorrow is sport day......Off to netball with Briony in the morning and then to watch the boys play footy...Im really looking forward to it.....and so is my camera.
Hope you all have a great weekend


  1. LOL about entering the real world. Working 8 hour days came as a real shock after high school. I remember feeling so tired at the end of the day! Good on Brent!

    And... what other success did you have with scrapbooking today? Come on! You have to tell.

  2. How fantastic.....sounds like an all round GREAT day! Don't you love days like that.
    Wow, fancy beating a teacher...thats gotta be good!! lol
    I remember entering the workforce....i thought it would be a walk in the park, but i had to be I wouldn't change it for the world though..i never liked school.
    I hope today brings you as much happiness as yesterday did....good luck to the kids with their sport.


  3. Way to go Mitch on beating a teacher. You have every reason to be proud of him. And Brent in the work force, wow, It is a huge culture shock if I remember rightly, no big holidays starting at 8.00 but oh the independance of my own money.
    Now Mardi, what has happened to you in the scrapbooking world? Do tell, the suspense is killing me here.

  4. I want to know the surprise too Mardi! Love your layouts in the previous posts. LOVE the little house book - gorgeous!

    I'm loving your layouts lately Mardi. My mojo has gone AWOL so I need you to keep inspiring me ;)