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21 June 2006

I was the absolute worst photographer know to man while my children were young.

There was no such thing as camera was only an 'insta-matic'....and I obviously put no importance on taking photos....this is probably one of my biggest regrets.

I do have a few awesome photos...nearly all of them taken by my dearest friend Donna....but because we live in totally different states...the photos are fairly restricted to once a year of so.

I decided a while back to drag out the best of the cruddy bunch and scrap them. I also decided to use the smaller 11 x 8.5 size...which truthfully is a godsend for these poor quality photos that need lots of cropping...a photo that has ended up 12 x 5 cm would look a bit lost on a 12 x12 page. I have also found that if Im having a bit of a scrapping block...this size just gets me going again.....enough raving.
Mardi x


  1. Another teriffic layout Mardi.
    The photo looks fine to me!!! Quite cute actually!! :)


  2. I love those huge flowers! Great layout. Scrap those photos, even if you don't think they're that great. It's the memory that they invoke and the memory that you capture on paper that's the important thing.

  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean Mardi with the older photos. I was the worst photographer ever and had the daggiest Kodak camera. All my kids older pics are really grainy and badly taken. There are some ways around printing these if you want to scrap the best of the best I've found. Either printing them on canvas or cardstock hides the grain and any other flaws they may have. Doesn't solve everything but makes them a bit more pleasing on the eye.
    Hope this helps.
    Sharryn :)

  4. Anonymous12:54 pm

    love the layout, mardi. the colours are stunning.


  5. HI Mardi,
    I think your photos are fine and that layout really brings it to life, which is exactly what scrappin should do..... Well done!!!


  6. Anonymous10:04 pm

    Gorgouse layout... Saw your comment on memory bugs.LOL... I do get a bit done, dont I. Shane works days and nights so when the kids are at school and in bed I genrally dabble a little. I should actually get some sleep sometime shouldn't I. LOL... I have more to post as well so you will be seeing a few more soon.
    By the way, love your blog and adore all your layouts.

  7. hi there
    ditto Sarahs comment! great LO, and i love the one of Brent and Alex too
    (yes im back- didntget swallowed u with Charlie and Lola- just computer problems!!)