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23 June 2006

Well I can finally officially announce I am a Design Team Member for Riverland Scrapbook Supplies (RSS)...please check it out..the link is in my sidebar (I did try putting the link in here...but I cant work out what I do wrong..Grr)
Anyway back to my exciting news....RSS is responsible for my entire addiction with scrapbooking ......I had my first official classes there and made some amazing friends along the way. I guess I also want to officially congratulate Belinda Venables (link in sidebar) on her DT postion as, not only is Belinda a special friend......but she was originally my 'teacher' as well...she has a gorgeous style and her passion for scrapbooking always made it exciting for me. I just have to pinch myself that we are on a DT together.
I have already been very busy with layouts for this DT and they have been uploaded yesterday to the RSS was so much fun working with the Scrapbooking Australia..Black and White range...and of course Id love to share them with everyone...but at this stage...check them out at RSS gallery.
I should also mention the RSS forum this stage its still quite small and very please register and have a chat with us....we would love to hear from you.

Now...I have two exciting dates that I just want to mention....
July 2nd...RSS Birthday celebration...make and takes.....huge the design team..(thats me..LOL)
and...for those who are interested. In November (more details released soon) three very talented scrapbookers... Tracy Watson, Donna Wild and Samantha Dorn will be visiting the Riverland to hold workshops, and attend a crop night. Im still pinching myself....Ahhh!
Visit RSS for more details and get your name down quick..if you think you could possibly make it to the Riverland and attend......this is huge!!


I also want to make a mention about the gorgeous girls on the Memory Bugs Design Team...I think Ive had the oppurtunity to have a cyber chat with everyone of them now...and they are SOOOOO nice. I know Im going to be having a great time there this year and I hopefully will make some dear friends along the way.

Some days....I realise Im truly blessed.

Thanks for reading...Mardi x


  1. Anonymous4:21 pm

    Hi Mardi, A big congrats on your new DT position. It sounds exciting.

  2. OK Mardi..your lucky i haven't put mascara on before work..or it would have all run!! You know I'm an emotional pregnant woman atm. Thankyou for your kind words!!! xxx
    I take no credit for your fabulous do that on your own!!!

    Really looking forward to working with exciting!

    Good luck with your memory bugs DT bizzo too!! What fun!!