Finally...a page to share...

9 June 2006

It seems like ages since I have had a page to share.....I have been quite creative in the last few days but nothing I can share just at the moment for one reason or another.
I am going to have a major sharing session very soon I hope.

This is my entry into the Boxx sketch challenge and as you can see it is my version of Zina's example. These are always a bit of a need to think of the design...just plonk it all to speak.

I had a busy morning...I spent the morning helping my friend Keryn in her Deli....not only is it the Country Music Festival in Barmera this weekend, but she had a ginormous catering job as well. Now, Im not usually big on anything to do with food...but this was fun, and I enjoyed it even more knowing how much she was appeciating the extra set of hands. I was just about drooling over the voluvents and scones, not to mention all the yummy casseroles, apple crumble. quiches, baked potatoes with sour cream and chives, stuffed vine leaf thingys and pumpkin soup with toasted baguettes....then I came home and had toast with jam for lunch.
Anyway...hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.
Mardi x


  1. I'm glad to hear you've gotten your mojo back again. I knew it would come crawling back home when it was ready ;). Can't wait to see your new projects. Not being able to share sounds very exciting.

  2. Ohhhh,!!
    Your layout looks awesome, as usual!!
    Have a great....relaxing 'LONG' weekend.


  3. What a stunning layout Mardi. Love the colours too :). Sounds like your catering job was a big hit. Take care

  4. Beautiful layout Mardi, nice to see some more of your work. Your day does sound yummy too!