Another frosty morning....

7 June 2006

Check out the frost on our lawn this morning!! (and sorry Briony, I know this isnt a very terrific photo of you...but everyone will understand when they read on)

It was one of those mornings that you could just stay tucked up in a warm bed until lunchtime...but theres school buses to catch and my walking partner arrives at dont want to be still in my
Then to top of the morning....the bunnies had babies!!.....but unfortunatly it was so cold overnight they didnt survive and Briony found them just before she left for school. Now I realise this probably conjours up a picture of tears and sobbing...but there was none of that at all.
For anyone who knows Briony well....would realise she is a total realist...she see's things as they are and rarely shows a lot of emotion. Im sure she would be sad on the inside (because she isnt heartless) but I can just imagine her saying something along the lines of " Of course its sad!...but whats the point crying?...its not going to bring them back you know!!"
I am such an emotional thing....and it takes very little to bring on my tears (I even cry if I hit a bird in my car.....I can always imagine a nest full of babies.....going "gark" "gark" "gark" and no Mummy bird coming back...sob sob!) Sometimes I wonder if she isnt more in touch with reality than, she got into the hutch and got them all out...then made a BIG statement....
B. "That big white one has got to go!"
Me. "Why"
B. Because he's a boy!!...and we dont want any more babies"
Yep!..thats my girl....practical and problem solving!

Oh ...then to top it off...I got home from my walk and the bottom of the bird cage had broken and was hanging off!...there was a 2 -3 inch gap that the bird could have flown through with his wings open full span...but guess what...he was so silly he didnt even notice....
have a great day
Mardi x


  1. Oh Mardi, I am sorry to hear about the baby bunnies, Briony sure does have a sensible head on her shoulders doesn't she? One great thing is that you still have your bird. That was lucky. I hope your day gets better.
    Take care
    Bronny :)

  2. OMG..I know! How cold was it this morning!! FREEZING!!
    Poor, poor, wabbies. I too get so emotional, especially when it comes to my pets.
    Silly little birdy..lucky for you guys though i guess..don't need two things go wrong in the one day.
    How is Brent's job?? Hope all is going well!

  3. thats sad about the rabbits! had a chuckle about Briony's statement about the white rabbit though!
    It is VERY cold here this year too- because we live 3kms from the beach, its usually a little milder, but this year-brrrrrrr- even in the middle of the day- its going to be a long winter i think

  4. I would've cried about the bunnies. Definitely. But I cry at anything. I'm so glad that the bird stayed put.