Holy Snappin ducks.....its cold!!!

15 June 2006

These frosty mornings are ridiculous..... its been -4 to -5 each morning this week and Ive had enough!!! Even the toilet was frozen this morning (it is outside off the back porch...but still) I am just wishing for some overcast weather so we can have a milder night.

Just thought Id share a page that I did last week but didnt have time to upload...the journalling is very hard to read so here it is:

What happens when a little girl wants pet rabbits and the Dad says No!! I'ts easy really......the little girl pleads and pulls the 'please Daddy face'. The Daddy gives in...and Hey Presto...you become the proud owners or four pet Bunnies!......Well at least thats what happened at our house.

The moral of the story: No father is a match when it comes to little girls and pet rabbits!

Anyway...im off to finish cleaning up and checking my emails.

Mardi x

Oh..and thankyou so much everyone for your congratulations on the DT position...it is really lovely to get all your kind comments and so appreciated.


  1. Anonymous12:50 pm

    yes, it is way to cold. i don't even want to leave the house.

    gorgeous page.love the flowers.

    congrats on the dt position:)


  2. LOVE the page Mardi. Very cute....

    Little girls have a way of twisting thier Daddy's arms don't they!!!!!


  3. 'Holy snappin ducks' roflmao...gee you come up with some funny sayings!!!

    Great LO...again. Love that journalling too!!


  4. Gorgeous LO as usual...little girls have the knack of wrapping their dads around their fingers don't they? LOL
    Sharryn :)

  5. Stunning layout Mardi. Huge huge huge congratulations on the DT possition. I am so thrilled for you and you sooooooo deserve it. Sending you huge (((((((hugs))))))

  6. Hi Mardi, my girl is working on her dad for a puppy!! Girls & their dads...

  7. beautiful page Mardi :)