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17 June 2006

Well Im sure I probably have heaps to tell everyone.....but I just cant think of anything tonight.....Im tired...and my brain stopped functioning about 3 hours ago.
I did manage to finish this layout today...its my June BOM layout for the Scrapboxx challenge...this month was all about our names...obviously I did Mardi. I googled my name and was really interested in what it had to say about me...firstly my name is surprise there...but it went on to say that my 'character...oozes confidence'....not too sure about that, and then it went on to say 'Feelings...relaxed at all times' (yeah! right!...)....Funny Funny!

Turned out to be quite a busy day today.....started the day with a job at no more sleep for me.....arrived home from work at 7am, went over to Paringa for some last minute scrapping supplies...arrived home in time to go to footy and watch the boys play...then home and finished this layout....then Briony had two friends arrive for a sleepover...then 8 more guests arrived for pizza tea...then Alex that makes 16 for the wonder my brain is no longer functioning!!!!...sorry to ramble.

Brent was knocked out at footy today...fortunatley I didnt notice because I was chatting instead of spectating and when I looked back he was sitting on the bench...I would have been panicked if Id noticed...he apparently lost consciousness for about 30sec...then they dragged him off the ground. He went back on after for the next quarter but was only half his normal pace for the remainder of the game. I was sitting watching thinking "Brents not playing very well today...must be tired from his job".....and now I find out that he had a thumping headache and everytime he was bumped he got a headspin...great!!! Im assuming he is fine now.....Alex has arrived and they have gone out for the evening.

Im past it now...need sleep.
Mardi x


  1. Anonymous9:24 am

    Great layout Mardi, I just love it. You have a lovely style with your layouts. I received my projects from Bugs !! have you got yours yet ?? We have a little while before the first one needs to be in, I am thrilled about all this. I justed wanted to leave you my email address if that is OK., I would love you to email me, so we could have a chat.

    Best Wishes

  2. Awesome layout Mardi and I adore the photo on it and as your signature. Just stunning. I hope Brent is alright and recovers quickly. What a house full you had last night, I love it when it is like that here, the more the merrier or though not quite so keen if I had been up since 3.30 that morning. I hope you had a great sleep (I am sure there would be no problems there LOL) and even get a sleep in.

  3. OMG..knocked out? I'd die if I was watching one of my boys and they were knocked out..LOL
    Love your new BOM layout it's great.
    Sharryn :)

  4. Love your layouts! Just gorgeous and inspirational. Congrats on your design team position. :)

  5. What a fantastic layout Mardi!!!
    Looking forward to seeing the other LO's you have done!

    Hope you had a great weekend...


  6. Anonymous4:32 pm

    Fantastic layout Mardi, as are all your layouts I just love seeing all your work...