My 2peas CJ goes in the mail today....

19 June 2006

Well my CJ is about to begin its journey today....first stop is Tasmania.

I have chosen 'my favourite recipe' as my theme....quite funny really, seeing as I hate to cook. But there is a method in my madness....see, Im hoping for inspiration in the kitchen....maybe a book full of yummy, tried and true recipes is just what I need to get me into the kitchen. I have also managed to get a couple of other layouts done this Im feeling pretty pleased with myself...unfortunatly I cant upload three of them yet....but huge uploads to come at a later date.
I also managed to get a gorgeous photo of Brent and Alex and as soon as Ive finished that page Ill be sharing it with everyone.
Have a great day
Mardi x


  1. Bet you get some great recipes! It's always nice to get some that are tried and true.
    I hope Brent's made a full recovery from his bump at footy on the weekend.

  2. Mardi your layouts are just beautiful. No wonder Memory Bugs wanted you! Big congrats on the DT possie, well done, but very much deserved too. Love popping in to your blog, must find time to do it more often!


  3. hi Mardi
    one of these days im going to organise a Cj- recipes are a great idea- im a bit like you- not my favourite thing- i make too much mess!LOL love your Mardi Lo too