Holiday photos..and the Holiday freezer meals....

28 July 2006

Just thought Id add a couple of photos since Blogger is allowing it tonight...these were taken at the Coffin Bay National Park among the stunning sand hills there. The kids had a great time running and rolling down them...and then got back in the car with their pockets, clothes and hair full of sand...but they had had a blast.

Now the story of the freezer meals....before we went away..I was worried about Brent having to manage I cooked him up a freezer full of meals (30 in total).....all nicely packaged with vegetables and all. While we were away he had a mate, Jamie come and stay and Alex visited on her days the three of them ate away at them and on our return there was 3 meals left...2 Devilled sausages and 1 Apricot Chicken.
I was questioning Brent about the meals and what he had thought of them and he told me that one night the three of them were sitting down for tea, each had their chosen meal from the freezer....and Jamie and Alex were commenting on how nice they were. Brent answered along the lines of this "You've got to realise..these are the things that Mum cooks the best...she usually forgets she has things in the oven and burns these are actually pretty good" Geez...Brent..thanks for shattering my Margaret Fulton facade.

Well tomorrow is my very last day of holidays and Ive spent the last few days washing, cleaning and gardening and I think by tomorrow night Ill be as ready as I can be, to go back to work....Ive just got to see if I can squeeze myself back into my un-flattering work pants...Eeek.

Finally Blogger has allowed me to upload one layout...not the I guess I should be happy with that.

Its a layout that I did of Briony at Whalers Way while we were on holiday....I scrapped this on the table in the caravan....while Ian and Mitch were on a fishing charter. Briony also scrapped a page and then read Girlfriend magazine and played with her basketball....thats the life!!

Well I guess thats about it for tonight..Im so happy Ive finally been able to upload some photos too.

Take care everyone Mardi x


  1. Mardi, the layout is just stunning. Gorgeous colours too.
    I had a real laugh over the meals. Can't believe they told you RAFLMAO.
    Thanks for the comments on my blog. I am truely loving it down here and after everything it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. Even Lionel said he is feeling so much better about everything being down here away from all the Bull S**T. YKWIM.
    Looks like you had a fab holiday away. Looking forward to layouts of the trip ;). Take care
    Love and hugs
    Bronny :)

  2. Hey chick,
    I didn't realise you were home..I've been so busy! Glad to hear you all had an a great time away and ROFL about the meals. :)
    How funny.
    Chat soon
    Sharryn :)

  3. Great photos! I'm so glad that your holiday went well (apart from the missing roadmaps and remotes, lol!). I love your layout, especially how you've cut up the photos.

  4. hi mardi- great to see you back blogging, and glad you had a good holiday- love the LO- how nice to be able to scrap- hopefully in another few years that will be me-
    hope its a quiet one back at work for you
    ps-ive done my tag- and YOU should be entering the awards for excellence

  5. Anonymous8:15 pm

    Great photos and I totally absolutly love the layout!!! It is awsome as are all your layouts.

  6. Congratulations on making the top 100 in the Masters! So exciting :)
    I laughed about Brent.
    Those two photos are just stunning. I love the bright clear colours and the sky in the second one is awesome.

  7. Welcome home Mardi, we missed you and your inspiration. I am amazed that you could scrap even when on holidays. Your LO looks awesome ( I love your work)

    Congratulations also on getting into the top 100 Masters. Yay for you. No call here so I have given up boo hoo. Ah well I am getting used to rejection. Thanks for your kind words about my EDM comp. I have only done one LO so far and will be using bazzill. I think it is OK to use bazzill!!

    All the best with your MAsters and look forward to more inspiration. x Janelle

  8. sensational photos and sensational layout! gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!

  9. Hey Mardi, great to see you made it home safe and sound, and loved seeing the photos, thanks for sharing (as much as blogger would let you anyway). Your layout is beautiful - as always.


  10. oh wow I LOVE that photo on the dunes, what an awesome contrast with the dark clouds in the backround :)