Honey...we're home...

27 July 2006

Well holidays have been and gone in a flash. It was nice to get away and Port Lincoln and the Eyre Peninsula is a most beautiful place. Port Lincoln leaves you feeling you could pack up and move right there...just beautiful.
On the other hand...I guess this was a holiday ...when if anything could go wrong, it would and did.
It kind of started with the pouring rain and gale force winds when we left...have you ever tried packing the caravan in the rain...with mud getting thicker by the minute....each load to the caravan resulted in my shoes getting an inch taller with mud. We finally said our goodbyes to Brent...sob sob....and departed...only to realise our book of maps (our travel companion of many trips).....was in the other car and Alex had that car in Waikerie. Never fear...we could detour through Waikerire and pick it up....but just as we drove into Waikerie...Alex drove past us in the other direction...no amount of yelling and waving made her notice us.....not that you can blame her for not noticing in the split second two cars pass...but obviously we couldnt turn around quick enough to catch her...so we began our journey without our companion.
The wind increased and we were heading diagonal to it...the trip was slow...and cost a gazillion dollars in fuel. Now I guess its time to mention some bright points....it really was lovely snuggling up into our beds in the caravan...we probably only use it once a year...so its got a special feel to it. It seems traditions come along with the caravan too..like card games..and Ian, Mitch and Briony continually had a card game in progress.
We made the most of being tourists and did some tours...including 'Onesteel' in Whyalla.
I guess the next disaster was the TV.....its a bit of a bummer we didnt pack the remote control...because of all the TV's we own..this one can only be tuned in through the Remote control...Grrrr. So now we have a TV...but no way of tuning it in.....$20.00 later an electrical repair shop tuned it in for us...using a spare remote.
Just a little more on Port Lincoln....we spent a wonderful day touring around Whalers Way...and the rugged coastline.....its a beautiful spot...a little run down...but still lovely. I was having a complete panic though as Mitch and Ian were walking around the cliffs..I was so frightened they'd fall over the edge. Of course they were being careful...but I was feeling overly nervous for some reason. I did manage to scrap some layouts while I was away...and I will post them up over the next week....these first two are of Mitch and Briony at Whalers way...or maybe not....Blogger isnt playing fair today.
Ill add more later including piccies.
Thats it for now....Mardi


  1. sorry you had a few hiccups on your hols:)
    welcome back

  2. Great to have you back home, cant wait to see photos of your trip, it sounds like a great time, bonding with the family :D

  3. Anonymous4:33 pm

    Oh Mardi, it sounds like you had an up and down kind of holiday, so sorry it didn't go better.


  4. I guess all the drama's make up great scrap journalling for lo's.
    That's a bonus....lol
    Glad u managed to do some lo's.
    Mardi, hope ur next holiday isn't filled with n e drama's.