Yeah...I know...we are supposed to be gone by now...

14 July 2006

....on holidays Im talking so rainy today...Im unmotivated...and its only 6 deg. or we are staying home tonight and taking off inthe morning.
I have just felt off colour on and off all week...and today was probably my worst day...I had to really push myself to pack...and so Im not dissapointed that we are staying in our warm beds tonight.
I managed to get heaps of scrapping done yesterday...three pages for my EDM album...Ive uploaded them all into the gallery at Scrapboxx..Im not sure they can be shared on Blogs...and Im not sure if Ill enter the competition or not...but dont want to break the rules incase I decided to. I was really happy with them...and they are scrapped in 9x9...what fun is that quick and easy...yum. last share before Im off on holidays....this layout of Mitch at taken with my new camera...I have a page of Brent in the planning...hopefully Ill get it done whilst Im away on holidays.


  1. I'm so glad you're entering the EDM challenge.
    Sounds like too much hard work to me, but I'm rooting for YOU! I just commented on your layouts on SCrapboxx. Gorgeous gorgeous!
    Happy holidays!!!

  2. I saw a whole heap of your layouts in the gallery. Didn't have time to comment at the time, and assumed I'd see them here. I'll have to go back and have a look :)
    Sounds like a good idea to stay home under the doona tonight. Hasn't it been freezing!

  3. Hey matey,
    Glad to hear you're taking off in the morning rather than tonight seeing as you weren't feeling the best. Under your doona is the best place to be when you're not feeling yourself.
    As we discussed..once you get'll be fine.
    Take care

  4. LO looks fantastic!!(love the stars :)
    Like I have said before....have a fabulous holiday...Now i'm off to see your EDM LO's...


  5. Have a great holiday Mardi :) They look fab.(edm) not to mention ur footy lo

  6. Have a great holiday Mardi. Sorry I haven't been around for a bit. The new move hasn't been a good one for our internet connection either.
    You sure have been busy with the gorgeous layouts. Glad to hear your entering. Wow you have been so busy preparing meals to put in the freezer for Brent too. I hope he appreciates it :)Take care