Ok...this is going to be quick...

7 July 2006

Im determined today to get heaps done but I just wanted to share stuff.....stuff that I need to get out of my head.
1.This layout is for Mitch (obviously)..just lately he has been always needing reassurance that I love him.....Im wondering if its an age thing or maybe 'middle child'..Im not sure...but I just felt it was worth recording for Im sure he wont believe this in the future..LOL...and I also wanted him to know I do love him...because at the moment...telling him 495 times a day isnt enough.
2. I have made a decision to 'spring clean'...I made a start yesterday and my scrap room is done (just dont open the desk drawers..Ooops)
Today Im attacking the walk in robe...St Vinnies better be prepared....its on its way.
3. I need to find homes for the budgie and rabbits...if I can get holiday respite that would be great...and then maybe I wont pick them up...Mwah hah hah.
4. Im on holidays from work.....and just really loving it. In my last week of work..I developed and impending sense of doom (not sure why)...and felt very on edge. I even got to my last shift (on my Birthday) and hand balled a job to my partner...just because I had a 'bad feeling about it'...I feel bad about this now and wish I could go back in time and just take the job myself....Im sure he wondered why.
5. Im sick of the cold weather....it makes me miserable..it makes my skin dry...I HATE IT!!
6. Im needing to book airline tickets for the Scrapboxx retreat next year...but I dont know how to make sure im not ripped off....Ive left it that late now...that everytime I look at flights..they are nearly all gone....Aghh!
7. Ive put my hip out somehow.....I am finding that going on a long walk...really aggravates it and now I have like Sciatic pain right down my leg...I need to be able to walk off my winter fat...but my damn leg / hip is so sore...Im reluctant.....note to self: go back to chiropractor!!
8. I mailed my Masters entry to SM yesterday...then laughed to myself all the way home. Its bloomin atrocious. I love my single layout...Im ok with mu double layout...my Monogram turned out tacky and my Btp item is just hilariously yuck. I just got deeper and deeper into this thing..that wouldnt turn out the way I wanted.....I love my idea...just couldnt pull it off. I ended up just settling for it anyway... then when I was parcelling it up..I smudged the address on the post pak...as if it didnt already look tacky enough...LOL
9. The kids will be home on holidays next week...and Ive made the announcement...we will be cleaning rooms!!......they responded appropriatley " Awww.....Noooo...Im not doing my room....Im going to work with Dad"...I thought to myself..."cool...no kids for at least one day"...actually Im really looking forward to having their company...they amuse me.
10..I think this is enough dribble for one morning...if youve made it to here you deserve a medal...I love to read everyones comments...so if you read....I would love you just to drop "hi" in the message box...Mardi x


  1. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Medal please!!! LOL... Lots to say today Mardi. I bet your masters enrty looked great. I was the same last year. I worried all the way through designing to walking out of the post office. In the end I had nothing to worry about apparently they loved it, got in. Yay!!! So dont worry... Your work is amazing. I too hate the cold and it makes my skin dry to, I go through twice as much moisteriser than normal.LOL... Have a great day,

  2. Gee..really glad that was a 'quick' post! lol.
    Can i blame you for not getting anything done this morning? Kidding!
    I am sure you SM Masters entry looks fab..I couldn't imagine it any other way.

  3. Wow you are so busy Mardi. Adore your layouts. :) As you know I adore your work, it is always so inspirational thankyou. Take care
    Bronny :)

  4. Lol, whenever I hate my work, that's when SM picks it up. So you should be just fine :).
    I'm sure that it's fantastic, even if it didn't quite turn out like the idea you had in your head.
    Have a great, relaxing holiday.

  5. hmmm did you want to come and spring clean for me too?? LOL I so need a mjor spring clean, but am lacking the motivation. I bet your masters entry is great :) - Good Luck

  6. Hey Mardi, I just surfed on to your blog :) I have done the *spring* clean of my clothes lately too, Mainly cos not much fits me and I had to make room for more clothes lol

    Good luck with the SM entry :)

    My kids have just finished their hols, well off to school tomorrow. We began our hols with a room clean, and will end with it today as well lol But i have loved having them home, no routine, no lunches,just being able to hang out all day is cool :)

  7. ok Mardi just so u know!.....
    I want a GOLD one. Medal that is.
    Congrat's on getting ur masters done...I'm sure it's fine!
    Hate the cold....just 'cause it's too damn cold.
    Ohhh yeh, how much is it for those "Spring Clean" vibes of ur's?
    ---need some desperately!...lol
    & ya need to slow down...U will blow a gasket or something. lol

  8. You make me laugh :D I can't wait to see your Masters entry. I love your work and I'm sure it's just as great as your norm. I feel the same about mine... I think some of my tasks are so lame. But who cares - it's done. OVER!
    btw - I agree with Kathie. SM usually accept my not-so-great layouts over my favourite ones! I recently sent in two Christmas layouts. One I loved and thought it was pretty original. The other I only sent in cos it was piggybacking on the email of the first layout. Of course they only took the second layout!