Happy Birthday Mum!!!!

11 July 2006

Hi Mum...and Happy Birthday.....I know I cant get in touch at the moment but we are thinking of you .....and I know you will read this whenever you are back in civilisation. I did get a nice photo of the kids holding the sign...but this is so much more like the 'real kids' so I thought Id send you this one.

OK...what else has been happening?...
1. I finally went back to the Chiropractor yesterday...hopefully it will be heaps better...although it takes a while to settle down. I arrived home with a headache which rapidly turned into a migraine...so it was early to bed for me last night.
2. My spring cleaning is going ok...Ive slowly been attcking each room and I have this awful feeling Im not going to get the whole house done this week...but at least Ill have made a start.
3. My 'achieved' layout is apparently out in Scrapbook Creations this month...I havent seen it yet...but I cant wait to check it out....actually let me share it here now...if you see this in SC...its mine!!!!

4. We are heading off on holidays soon...Yay!...Im planning on taking my scrapping gear with me..I missed it so much last time we went away. I should start packing soon but I want to get everything else caught up first.....I also need to make some meals for Brent and pop them in the freezer....I cant believe Im going away and leaving him to fend for himself....Aghhh.

Thats it from me tonight...take care everyone..Mardi x


  1. oooh thats a gorgeous layout mardi...will definately keep an eye out for it in SC....*G*

    enjoy your holiday

  2. Hey there chickadee,
    Love the LO..will keep an eye out for it. :)
    Sorry to hear about your migraine and I hope you're feeling better now. Only ever had one and it was awful.
    I know what you mean about leaving Brent for the first time. We left my eldest for a couple of days...he is 19 and never been left on his own..LOL..and I stressed like anything 'cos we went camping at a place that didn't even have any phone reception. Bit scary actually but everything was OK just as I'm sure it will be for you.
    Have fun.
    Sharryn :)

  3. Another stunning layout Mardi! Can't wait to get my hands on the next SC, I hear it's brilliant. Have a great time away.

  4. Congrats on the publication Mardi.
    The LO is just fantastic!!
    Have a great relaxing holiday..and don't worrie about leaving Brent home..i'm sure he'll be fine!! lol

    A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your mum too..wherever she is..lol!

    I am having trouble seeing your sidebar again..where has it gone??

  5. Anonymous10:38 am

    Happy Birthday Mardi, hows that camera going. Love your layout, looks lovely, no suprise really you do wonderful work. I emailed my MB layout ages ago now, have you done yours.


  6. Looking forward to seeing ur lo in the mag.
    Have a great holiday...hope you get some scrapp'n done.

    *happy birthday to Mardi's mum* :)