Family and friends ....old and new

12 August 2006

It has really become apparent lately how lucky I am to have such wonderful friends and family.
I am very lucky to have a close family...where we all get along and enjoy each others company, Im also fortunate to adore Ians family and feel so very much a part of their family and traditions as well. My Grandma is not very well at the moment and she lives a long way away...I wish she was a lot closer so that we could pop in and see her, its not the same on the phone.....she is going into a nursing home for a few days for a little respite care....I hope that peps her up and she feels a little better. Mum and Dad are still travelling around the top of WA...and having a lucky buggers (I know you'll read this...LOL) My SIL Jo is having her 30th birthday tonight...and we are making the mammoth journey back to help her celebrate...after we have been to see Brent and Alex arrive at the Prom (Woo Hoo Prom tonight!!!!!) Tomorrow we are celebrating my gorgeous neice Evie's 1st Birthday before travelling home again...what a huge weekend.
I have just felt very blessed to have great friends dearest friend Donna is always there for us...and always will be....we live so far apart but the distance never changes a thing...we were just meant to be friends...she is my soul mate friend if there is such a thing.
I always thought that as you got older that you had probably already made your friendships...but it appears this isnt true...I have met some absolutley gorgeous people that have become what I consider true friends.....and I have never even met them IRL. These friends ,you can off load your problems on, without can have laugh at the tough in achievements and you dont need to make an appointment to see them. You can talk to them in your PJ' dont need to do your hair or put on makeup.....they dont care if your house is untidy......and you can fit them in around your own schedule. So thanks to all my friends, both the ones I see in real life...and online.....I really appreciate good freindships.

This is a bit of a small piccie I know...but its all guessed it!...the baby bunnies!
They are just so darn had to be a double layout...Ive got so many photos.

I actually managed to scrap a little bit yesterday...finished my #3 layout for the EDM comp....I was really happy with it and have uploaded it to the Scrapboxx gallery. I am using a 9x9 album for these layouts...heaps of fun to scrap a smaller size...and they fit in my I dont need to photograph...easy peasy...the only downfall is the quality of the pic's arent really good...Im a crappy scanner operator.
I also bought some of the absolutley stunningly beautiful Urban Lily paper...then I couldnt cut do you cut up a work of art....I even contemplated just slipping the sheet of un-cut paper into my album with a photo stuck on top (not covering any of the design of seriously it it really is to good to cut. I finally did achieve a layout...and Briony tells me Alex loves it.
Well I ve had made a discovery this morning.....Mr Blogger is a scrapbooker...he has very very selective taste.....and will only allow uploads of layout and photos that he likes.....Grrr I have tried half a dozen times to upload my UL Layout...but nup!...he wont allow it.
Well Mr Blogger....listen here.....I am not going to give up!! ... Ive finally tricked Mr Blogger and managed to upload it fron photobucket by pasting in the tag to the Html....Ha Ha..take that Mr Blogger.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting The journalling is a little a hard to read but I asked Briony to write down some things about Alex and I took the journalling straight from that. The layout is called "What I love about Alex"...Briony has written..... 'she is like a big sister to me' ....'She loves to shop'......'she is so friendly'......'her wonderful personality'.......'her sense of style'.....'she looks so pretty' . I love this photo of the two of them in their matching Roxy hats.

Just finally I like to add.....a couple of my dear friends have uploaded some of their Masters entries in the Boxx gallery .....I feel absolutley embarrassed that I have been asked to send mine in..these girls have created such stunning work and I was gobsmaked by their creativeness (which was no surprise)...I have no doubt I will have my entry home with me again very soon..with an accompanying thanks but no thanks

Have a great weekend everyone.....and remember there is nothing on earth more special than a good friend.
Mardi x


  1. Mardi..what a fantastic entry! I always love reading your blog..but this entry was very interesting!
    Everything you said is so true.
    WOW, you have got a busy weekend ahead. I can't wait to see some prom photos.
    About your masters entry..I am sure that you wont be getting your entry back in a!
    Your work is marvellous!!!

  2. Wow you sure do have a massive weekend ahead of you don't you? You'll be wanting to go to work on Monday just for a break..LOL
    I love to read about the relationship developing between Briony and has a real big/little sister feel to it..LOL
    And don't you for a minute worry about your Masters entry missy...I'm sure you're entries are absolutely awesome and I so can't wait to see them. I'm really looking forward to seeing all of your entries. I love your style and you are producing some stunning LO's lately.
    I'm sure your work will not be on it's way home anytime soon.
    Sharryn :)

  3. ROFL about Mr Blogger!
    I love the photos of the bunnies. Esp the one of them all lined up and the close up of Briony with them.
    And the layout about Briony and Alex is gorgeous. LOL about the UL paper :)
    I felt exactly the same way as you when I saw the Masters entries in the Scrapboxx gallery! They were so beautiful and creative. I can't wait to see your entry (but I WANT to wait - the longer we wait, the better the news!).

  4. Wow Mardi, love your LO's espesially the bunny one (but I might be biased because of the pink in it ;)

    Hoping your grandma gets better really soon!

  5. I know what you mean about feeling abashed that you got asked to send in your entry to SM when there are so many fantastic entries being uploaded onto the galleries at the moment. I feel the same. I would hate to be one of the judges. Wouldn't that be tough!
    I agree totally with what you've written about friendships. I don't think that we ever stop making friends.

  6. hi Mardi
    what a nice post about friendships etc-very reflective-love your layouts love the colours in the bunny one!
    hope the prom went well,and your grandma is better too

  7. I love your layouts posted here and on the box and can't wait til my cj finishes it's journey to see just what you and the others have done.
    Good luck with the matsers tuff. Hope you get good news about it as you do some awesom work.