9 August 2006

This is what I love about Ardrossan......the lovely cliff top walk....perfect!
It is a tradition when visiting Ians Mum and Dad that we walk everywhere.....They live only a short distance form the shops and the jetty. I love taking the walk to the bakery, for the fresh wood oven baked bread.....stopping by the newsagents for the paper...and then taking the cliff walk down to the jetty. Then taking the short stroll down the jetty to see what people are catching...and then back up the hill across the park to Ians Mum and Dads again. We are quite often accompanied .....as you can see in the photo of Ians Mum and Briony strolling along.

Well what else has been happening?...Mmm

1. Brents new job is going well...in his words "its heaps cool"
2. Brent is in Waikerie tonight to have the final fitting on his suit for the prom on Saturday night.....according to him it looks great on him...LOL
3. Mitch got his iron levels back....they are lower than before....I was initially crushed but Im saving my anxiety until after the Doctors appointment next Tuesday.
4. Briony is back at school today and recovering well from having her teeth removed.
5. Im tired...the house is a mess.....I dont get enough time to scrap.
6. I have a hair appointment tomorrow...I so badly need it...I cant wait.
7. My brain doesnt work anymore tonight...so that is from me.


edited to add:...I havent shared a layout for absolutley ages...so thought Id share my July Memory Bugs DT layout (I have scrapped this photo before..its one of my absolute favourites and I just love the way they are captured) ...and Im sure our August layouts will be up very soon ...Im really looking forward to seeing what we all come up with this month.
Gee this is the first time Blogger has uploaded photos so quicky for ages... it make me think maybe I should upload some more while I can.

Funny thing happened this week.....its just so ironic.....I am on the Governing council at Brionys primary school. I am also the convenor of a sub-committee...canteen, uniform and school photos.
I have been on this committee for 18 months and convenor for the last 6 months.....and everything has been running like clock work....and then....
(but before I go on ...just to fill in anyone who doesnt know ...Im not very fond of cooking or food preparation...I do it...but its my least favourite thing.)
So back to the committee......at the meeting last night we had received a letter to say the canteen manager would be resigning at the end of the year.....and so it is now my responsibility to mastermind the replacement. It was also thought to be a timely time to review our entire canteen practice including the types of food we offer ect ect. I am more than happy to do this...and I have a great commitee to help out...but I just cant help laughing to myself that here I am in charge of the very thing I hate the most in life...LOL...perhaps there is a divine message in this!
Sorry to blabble on...Mardi


  1. Love the layout Mardi! Life can be so hectic at times!

  2. I can see why you love that LO so much, it's stunning!
    I can relate to your point #5. I spent all morning doing housework, and the house is still a tip. And all the time I was doing housework I was thinking what a complete waste of time it is, and how I'd rather be scrapping. Oh well, such is life ;)

  3. Awesome photo and yet another brilliant layout from you!!! :-)
    So happy Brents job is working out well. Sorry to read about Mitchs' iron levels, lts hope the Drs can ease your anxieties a bit at least.
    Thanks for the message on my blog...and I agree..looks fab the day the hairdresser does it, but just one sleep and all of that good blow drying and magic brush stuff and its all over with..LOL
    Take care hun!
    Love n Hugz

  4. I loved your DT layout. It's so original. I found this pp so hard to use. It's not what I would normally choose. I can't wait to see this months DT layouts!
    Don't you LOVE going to the hairdressers?! I never get anything exciting done, but I just love to sitg there and have my hair washed and my head massaged. Ahhhh bliss...

  5. Another fantabulous lo Mardi....gorgeous!
    Good to see Brents job is "heaps cool"...lol....Hope Mitch's iron levels are getting a bit more betta by now...*fingers crossed*-for good news.
    Not long now til the big night....Enjoy the prom!

  6. Anonymous6:11 pm

    thanks for the birthday wishes on my blog, mardi. good to hear brent likes his new job and mitch's iron level is better.
    i love that layout and i can see why you love that photo so much.

  7. Look at the view along that walk - how stunning!!

    LOVE your LO Mardi and the photo is just gorgeous. I can see why you love it so much.

    I am with you on the food issue. I cook because we have to eat and that's about it. Hope it all works out OK for you...

  8. love your layout- the photo is gorgeous. and the view from the cliffs- we will have to journey across the border one day, and see that for ourselves- will show alister
    good luck with everything, you sound so busy- hope everything will be good news, and you get some scrapping done too