Sunday 20th 2006...

21 August 2006

Well its probably a combination of having too much on my mind and lack of sleep but please be prepared for this very jumbled post.

1. Briony had a lovely birthday in the end...she wasnt happy about leaving all her friends and heading off to Ballet rehersal...but she was fine when I picked her up.

2. We obviously have ideal breeding conditions at oour house...because the 'bloody' rabbits have just delivered another four babies....Grrrrr. Alex came inside yesterday after visiting Isaac (her favourite baby)...and said one of the rabbits was pulling her fur out...and suggested maybe it was malting its winter coat...immedialy alarm bells rang...and as I feared it was preparing another 'nest' I was the very first caller at the pet shop this morning....they are all going bye byes tomorrow after school.

They were a great source of amusement for the kids however...and Im sure they will miss them. This is Briony with Hannah, Taylor and Kelsey.....on her birthday morning...with of course all the bubby rabbits.

3. Yesterday I mentioned about Brents photo with the crappy background...well I am just amazed because the gorgeous Yvette actually got my photo from blogger and edited it in photoshop and then emailed me a perfect 'no background' photo...thankyou so much.

4. I had a brainwave this morning....I need to get a part-time job so that I can earn enough money to cover the cost of a house cleaner .....I know I already work full time....but I would just feel guilty about paying a cleaner if I could save the money and do it myself....but its all I do!! Im sick to death of cleaning!!! if I earnt a little more...then in my mind it would be justified. Im sure Ian trembled in his boots when I phoned and said "Ive had a brainwave"....Im guessing he thinks- 'that usually means trouble'...LOL

Well ..thats enough jumble for today...Mardi


  1. awwwww those little rabbits are soooo cute:)
    Happy birthday to Briony:)
    And I NEED a house cleaner too

  2. Look at those little rabbits! How cute. How many do you have now then? LOL.
    Just get a house cleaner. You work fulltime. You are a busy mum to teenagers. You deserve it. Even if it's once a fortnight to do all the deep clean stuff.