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22 August 2006

Well if that aint the truth....LOL

While Im on the subject...yes I know......its all I talk about....but beleive me if you had 20 rabbits in your would be top of your conversation list too.

We made the journey to the pet shop today ...we handed over 6 babies (Isaac is still here...I just couldnt do it to Alex before she had her last cuddle)..and Big Dadda Bunny is gone!!!

We had to keep the black female because her teeth are demented and the shop didnt want her....I didnt break her little heart to tell her that even a pet shop wasnt interested in her. I also had to keep the other two females because they have babies in little nests...and I wasnt sure who belonged to what, so to save starving their babies to death, Ive kept them both....but only for a little while! Funnily enough it was only a little sad handing them over...I guess we were all content in the fact that theres plenty more where they come from.

I then stopped and ordered the studio photos from Brent and Alex's formal....they were gorgeous...maybe Im biased but I swear they were the cutest of all the couples.

Thanks everyone for the encouragement to get a cleaner....Im going to start 'housecleaner homework' straight away.... Ian is more than happy with the idea too.

Im pooped tonight.....Ive just balled my eyes out watching Idol that Ian had tapped.....when it got down to the last two girls and Clancie got through....My heart just broke for the poor girl who didnt make it through...then to hear her thanking them for half believing in her because she didnt have parents, and hadnt ever had anyone believe in her......sob sob...very sad!

Mardi xx


  1. I'm with you Mardi on the idol thing - I cried and cried watching it last night too. It was SO sad watching those last two girls. I am a sucker for these kind of shows, I love them... It will be interesting to see who gets through next week.

    All the best with finding a cleaner too - you deserve it

    x Janelle

  2. So glad you are going to get a cleaner hun...of course you deserve it!!!
    LMAO..I so love that pic..and yeah very true with rabbits! hehehe
    Am looking forward to seeing the studio shots of Alex and Brent :-)
    Have a great Wednesday Mardi!!

    Love n Hugz

  3. LOL at the pic!!!! And eeehhhhhhh idol made me sad at people getting booted but i can't say i cried hehehe

  4. I can't believe it! Idol sad? Crying? Wow. I have purposely stayed away from it this season. I have enough to do without yet another tellie program to watch :).
    LOL, as you know, twenty rabbits sounds like my idea of a nightmare.
    And you go girl! Go get that cleaner. Life's too short to spend all your spare time cleaning house.

  5. Great news about the cleaner!

    Love the picture...thats hilarious.
    Oohhh..oohhh...can't wait to see the pics of Brent & sure they are stunning!


  6. Well with that many rabbits what can you say??
    and crying for the girl? lol, I thought she was laying it on a little thick ... maybe i'm just a bit harsh but she is so open about it, it would be something i would keep to myself not blurt it out all the time.

    can't wait for idol to actually get started though!

  7. laughing at all those multiplying rabbits in your home:)))
    and I cried in Idol as well. Love that show.

  8. Ya gotta giggle :) "Breeding like rabbits" is no understatement!
    Want any good recipes? :D