Just call me Mardi cranky pants!!......

10 October 2006

Aussie Idol last night !!!!!! Ggrrrr....I mean seriously Lavina can sing.... how the hooley can she be going home...when Lisa (who I think is very sweet)..can not adapt her voice at all....makes me feel downright uncomfortable ...makes it through! Lisa I have no doublt will be a remarkable talent in a few years...she is just far to young at this stage.....I can not imagine her coping with the pressures of idol at all....and poor Lavina belts out a stellor performance each and every week...and bye bye..thanks for coming. I went to bed furious...and Im still miffed...... Sorry ....enough of my Blah Blah!

I had the most awesome day yesterday......I barely moved from my scrap room....other than a few quick checks of the intermet......Im sure its an addiction..... I was feeling very creative and have finished off a few things that were on my mind...... and Im looking forward to completing a little more today.

My Mum and Dad are nearing the end of their aimless wandering around this country...so after 6 months...they will be arriving at our place sometime near the end of this week......Its going to be so nice to see them. (Well I guess its not really aimless wandering...but hey!.....how lovely would that be..."where to today?"..Mmmm...doesnt matter...no commitments....no worries)

Now.....Bathurst day....we went out for lunch to friends.....and I might add it was a delicous lunch...prawns, marinated calamari, roast vegie couscous salad, chinese noodle salad and marinated chicken ...... it felt like Christmas. Anyway...during the morning before we left I had been playing around with my camera.... so as we were leaving I said to Ian "I think Ill take my camera and have a play around ........while you are watching the race".....when we arrived Justin and Jodie said they had asked another couple of their friends.....Karen and Paul over as well......and would you beleive..Karen is an awesome professional photographer...so she very kindly offered me a couple of impromptu lessons..... so you can not imagine how thrilled I am.....they were just simple things...that will probably change the way I take every photo from now on...... Im still amazed that on the only day I take my camera....is the only day Karen is there...fate!

Well Ill finish off by sharing my layout for my Book of Me - Scrapboxx
this month it was all about "Right Now"...funnily enough when I journalled my thoughts about me right now....they are the same things that have bothered me for ages.... my need to lose some weight and get healthier...and my total disorganisation with keeping in touch with people...it made me think ...either I have to get off my butt and do something about it....or just stop whining about it. So without further ado....here it is.....

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Oh...I should mention... Sharryn...didnt like my photo choice....but I took it myself using the self timer....and I thought it looked deep and serious.....maybe not...ROFL
Oh well...Ill take a smily one next to make up for it.

Have a lovely day.....Mardi x


  1. Mardi, you sound as addicted to Idol as I am. Isn't it frustrating when the wrong one gets voted off LOL.
    I love the layout. Its good to have photos that aren't all smiling ones I think. After all we don't smile/ laugh all day every day.
    Glad to hear your parents are nearly home. I bet they have some great stories to tell ;) .How awesome to travel on from one place when you feel like it. I remember doing that when I was alot younger. (I loved it too :) )

  2. he he Mardi....I thought the photo was good too.
    & u have a fantab. style.....it would take me ages to figure all that out.....maybe that's my problem I plan a lo too much...lol
    Yep I agree she had all the right adaptations to her voice & still get's voted out....other give a mediocre(sp?) performance & stay in.....Lisa has voters I guess....but then again actually winning idol isn't the be all & end all of it. Kasey who??? won it last year.....lol

  3. hi miss cranky pants LOL
    well I'm another Idol fanatic as you know and I agree with you...I thought Lisa would go and was surprised she didn't, She obviously has a big fan base??? Lavina tried so hard and had a great voice....and she handled everything last night when she was voted off with a nice smile and a happy face..
    love that layout which you already know:)
    and enjoy your parents when they return from their adventures at the end of the week!

  4. Hey Mardi.
    luv your new LO's. i miss reading your blog...boo hoo hoo.
    Miss you...
    luv Belinda

  5. Hiya Mardi - sounds like a great get together for bathurst - how fabbo with the mini photography lessons - bonus!!
    Love the layout, and really like the photo, adds to the whole mood of the layout if that makes sense.

  6. I was disappointed that Lavina left too. She is practically a flawless performer. One question... Did you vote? I only ever voted once, to get Jessica into the Final 12.
    It's good to have a photo of you not smiling. Some people look really different when they're not smiling (like me) so you've gotta be true to the whole you! I REALLY don't like photos of me not smiling tho. I'll have to work on that :)

  7. LOL...well let's just kick Sharryn in the butt for that nasty comment about Mardi not smiling!! Was just trying to help!! ROFL
    Now..what I want to hear about is your camera lessons that you had!! How exciting having someone there to show you how to use functions on your camera! I'm sure you have the same camera as me..Fuji Finepix S5600..is that right? I didn't even know there was a self time if thats the case..LOL
    Take Care
    Sharryn :)

  8. OOOOHHHH professional tutoring! Lucky girl. No comment on idol....but lets just say I was happy with the results.
    and LOL at Sharryns comment!