Im missing my babies....

11 October 2006

Not much happening in the life of a almost childless mother..... even Brent is lonely.
How I miss having to peel Mitch off me every ten minutes....from his constant hugging....I miss Briony jumping up and meeting me at the door with a "Hi Mummy"said in her best plum in the mouth voice..... I miss the arguments over who's toast has just popped up.....who's sitting in which lounge chair....who's turn it is to dry the dishes... Yep..I miss all those things that usually drive me nuts.

I had huge plans for scrapping yesterday...Yeah right!...I honestly cant tell you where my day went..its like I blacked out at some stage and lost about 5
I did however finish my EDM#3..even though it took me to 11.30pm last night.....

This on is of Ian cooking and the journalling reads: well I certainly married a keeper..I know you dont really love to cook but you always get hungry before I do and I just love you to cook for me..... I actually had a bit of trouble scrapping this page and not making it look to girly...but still keeping it in the same papers and style of my other two this month.....but even though its far from my favourite its ok.

Just a few more points of interest from yesterday...... I went for a a walk down the street...initially to check the mail box.....and then.. seriously I wonder if there is anything between my ears.....becaue I popped into the supermarket and preceded to shop like someone who had their car parked out the front.... (luckily I decided to put the bag of potatoes back) ....I ended up with three bags of groceries...and then had to walk the two Kilometres home......OMG..I was furious with myself...and had biceps like superman by the time I arrived.

I received a lovely package in the mail from Courtney (Courtjest) who I have met through the Scrapboxx...and who has very kindly offered me their hospitality when I head over to the Boxx retreat next year..... Court sent a wonderful 'stampin up' catalogue and bits and I had a well earned coffee when I got home...and browsed..OMG they have so many nice stamps.

Then...the biggest thing happened....I had a knock at the door!!......standing there was Andrew (a work collegue) and he had come to have a look at the bunnies .... he had Kale his wife and their two gorgeous little kids with them......and the kids were all excited. Now ....I had asked everyone at work if they wanted any bunnies...right back when the bunnies had the first litter....Andrew didnt... but Kale and the kids had persisted and now they had arived to have a look. To cut a long story short...they ended taking the whole lot....hutch and Bye Bye bunnies. I must admit I feel really sad this morning...I usually go out every morning and check them...feed and water them and pick them some greens ...but I guess that wont be happening today....and I ve also got to break the news to Briony....although I know she will be very happy to know how excited the little kids were with them ...and she has visiting rights any time. Ive also got to tell Alex that her beloved Isaac has gone....The mean mother strikes again...Ahh Ah Ahhhhhh.

Well.....time for a shower....Im heading over to RSS for morning tea and a little retail therapy...and yes honey..I know you read this..Im only buying cardstock! last do you work "the font thing"...I downloaded it last night....and I cant do a thing with it....n i cant even get the fonts in to do I access it from a word document.....questions questions

Have a great day...

Mardi x


  1. enjoy your retail therapy, lucky thing!
    cant help with the font thing....never heard of it! good luck sorting it out!
    Love that LO, so bright, and such a good pic!

  2. oooo i seriously love that LO Mardi, totally gorgeous! And I bet the house would feel empty without all you kiddies around!
    I have done the font thing but not for over a year so will need to go see if I can remember lol

  3. So love the layout Mardi. Have fun shppping too.

  4. always enjoy reading your blog Mardi!
    Your layout of Ian cooking is great!!! Another well designed and pulled together layout. I'mreally enjoying your EDM layouts.
    I know what you mean about the house being quiet with the kids gone. I know my kids drive me nuts but I hate it when they aren't here. AND bye bye bunnies! So sad!!!

  5. Enjoy the quiet while u can Mardi.....u know u'll be tearing ur hair out when the're home again.
    Another lo that's put together so the subject. Think u've done agreat job in making it not "girly"...YKWIM.
    Sounds like the boxx retreat will be a blast....& how lovely of Court. offering.
    Good luck breaking the news about the bunnies

  6. Mardi, I love reading your blog... Here is a link to a tutorial for The font thing....

    Hope it helps

  7. Hey Mardi.
    It was great to see you today...
    I miss you already.
    Luv Belinda

  8. I haven't checked out the link you got, got too impatient, but once you have unzipped your downloaded font. Copy it, go to your 'start' button then find the 'control panel' and then should be a 'fonts' folder and just paste it under there.
    easy lol

  9. Fantastic layout Mardi - the ducky reminds me of the old set of three ducks people used to have on their kitchen walls lol - too cute.
    Hmmmmm could do with a little of that quietness if you've got some to share, love my kiddo's but can sure send me troppo at times.
    - sad about the bunnies, caused me many a giggle lol.

  10. THE BUNNIES HAVE GONE! What will Briony say!

    The layout is gorgeous - not at ALL girly.

    Sounds like you have a beautiful relationship with your kids. I love that :) I hope Tassy and I are the same when she's a teen.

    Love your posts - so funny :D

  11. Hope you had fun shopping for the cardstock :-)

    I have never had a day without my kids..never!!! So I have no idea how it would feel! I know the 1st week of Mik being at school this year as well was awful for me..and thats only 6 hours per day!

    Love the 3rd EDM layout as well, definately NOT a girly layout at all.

    And glad the bunnies went to a good home, at least Briony can still visit them!

    Have a good Thursday Mardi
    Love n Hugz

  12. Anonymous10:31 pm

    I'm sending you an email about how I use Font Thing.
    LOL about the shopping. Oh well, no need for the gym for you, hey :)

  13. Anonymous2:25 pm

    love the layout mardi!!