the new Hairdo..... unveiled!

26 October 2006

Well the new 'hairdo'...looks great...Im really happy with my new found Hairdresser..and she has transformed me from a mousy, dry haired middle aged a stunning, shiny haired vixen...well actually that may be stretching it a bit.....but Im happy with it. Sorry the photo is so poor.....but this is what you get using the self timer...when you are already running late for work.

I probably should have more news to share...but I have a few projects on the go...and really need to take the time to finish off this Ill be back with an update later....I just had to share the hairdo!!
Oh....and Ill also share a layout that I did for the Boxx DT comp...I didnt end up using this one...but it would have been used to demonstrate the use of photo corners as arrows....I ended up doing a second one...(which I couldnt use because of the topless photo... doh!) ...and then finally I did a third.

Its a layout of poor Brent with his crashed car...... the journalling is hidden under the lower photo...but I think the look on his face just about says it all. Note: the potting mix all over his shirt...why on earth (excuse the pun) he keeps wearing light coloured shirts to beyond me. I get so tired of soaking clothes in Napisan...Grrrr!

Well...Im off to scrap..... I know I have heaps to babble about...but Ill be back!

Mardi x


  1. Hey Mardi!

    I am so loving the new "DO"! You are just cutest little vixen! I love it. I need to do the same thing. I am feeling old and washed out.

    I love the design! I love the photocorner arrows. Awesome idea.

    Hugs always from across the pond.

    I love that you are stopping by my bloggie!

  2. hi Mardi
    loving the new do! a haircut always makes you feel good, doesnt it
    sorry ive been a bit slack with commenting on your blog, but ive been reading to keep updated. Im glad everything is sorted out with Brents old job, having been there, done that with Alisters old work, I know its good to get it all over and done with. great work with the training thing too, Im sure youre a natural- and good luck with the DT comp- im tipping you will go a long way!

  3. Hey Mardi - your new hair do looks gorgeous!! There is nothing like a fresh new cut hey. So glad it has given you a lift too.

    LOVE your LO too - these colours look so gorgeous together. Love it!!

    Can't wait to see your other scrapping too x

  4. Love the new do Mardi - lookin very fresh. A good haircut is always uplifting isn't it.
    Fantastic layout as always, was a great pic as well, can really tell he was not a happy chappy.
    Have fun creating, can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  5. woo hoo
    look at you! Haircut looks great Mardi. Love that layotu of Brent too!!

  6. Love the new do! Looks fab! Congrats on your round 3 success. And yes, Sharryns material IS funky isnt it, I got some too!
    Well done with the training, hopefully you get to do more of it as you are so obviously a natural!

  7. Hey Mardi !

    Your new hairdo looks fabbo! im in drastic need of one too, i bet you were making the patient feel better instantly ;-). And that layout of Brent is awsome, i love it, his face does say it all doesnt it the poor thing! and lol at the earth pun, just the stupid littlething to get my giggling lol,

  8. Woo Hoo Love the new Do...Looks great..........

    Love the LO too

    Take care and talk soon
    Cherie xx

  9. I love your new hairdo! And it's such a cute pic of you, even if the quality isn't good.

    The topless photo... did I miss something? Sounds interesting!!!

    ROFL at your Embarrassing Moments posts on Scrapboxx. You kill me!

    Totally love this layout, as always! I love when people scrap the bad as well as the good!

  10. Anonymous10:20 am

    Hi Mardi, the hair do looks lovely. Love the layout, colours are awesome.

  11. Hi Mardi,
    Love the new do! Looks great. That layout looks fab too.
    Have a great weekend

  12. Oooh you look STUNNING! Love it!

    Love the LO! Good luck with the next round!

  13. OMG..Mardi you look like a teenager!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So young and cute!

    Great layout as well btw.
    Have a great weekend hun!

    Love n Hugz