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20 October 2006

I was thinking about Brent and his X-employer again last night and I just realised I probably never mentioned this particular employer and apprenticeship much on my Blog before.....so my last post may have been a little confusing. This was an apprenticeship Brent accepted and was looking forward too.... this was a job he really wanted ....and we thought, although he had a lot to learn he was giving it his best ...but unfortunatly no matter what he did it wasnt right...and his confidence slumped from all the put downs...and by the last few weeks Im sure Brent would not have been performing well at all...he was so down trodden and miserable...that I was worried about him. Then in July ... it came to a head...Brent could not cope anymore...and his employer had had enough....so they mutually parted...it really was a blessing and a relief. Brent to his credit..immediatly approached every employement agency.... and every employer he could think of and one week later...he had a new job (at the Nursery)....a job he thoroughly enjoys...a job where he jumps out of bed every day...ready to go....comes home every night....laughing and telling stories about work......a job he shares what he has learnt with us....... and a job where he his happy and confident and looking forward to life. This is also the job where he gets nice and dirty....playes with Top Quality mulch....flowers....seedlings and comes home covered from head to toe totally covered in potting mix and smiling broadly.
So ... I was really upset by the phone call last night.....I realise he has his side to the story...but we have our side too......Ian keeps telling me to forget it....dont let it bother me....but easy for him to say when he didnt have to endure it. I can only say ..that after that phonecall I can completley understand Brent's reluctance to call him.....

Heres a question to the Mums of Teenagers..... how responsible are yours?.....do they take complete responsibilty for their banking needs?.....their tax responsibilities?.....their superannuation?.......am I the only mother who helps their child to organise these things?
I do not... do it all for him...but I advise him of what needs to be done....I collect the forms for him if he cant get there in business hours.....and I remind him about his responsibilies. I can see that he his learning to be more responsible....but in my mind...these are all skills that he will learn along the way...and before long...he wont allow me to have anything to do with.

Anyway...enough on poor old Brent...... I am content he is a completley normal teen....I know there are highly organised and capable teens...but then there are plenty like Brent...with is "she'll be right" attitude..... he's happy...he works full time....and he has fun...... so Im not asking for much more.......

enough Blah Blah form me.....Im going to put all this behind me again now....
Mardi x


  1. Yep...Murphy's LAw sucks big time.
    I don't know about teenages...but it sounds like Brents heading in the right direction with becoming responsible & hey if he's happy with his life good on him!
    Now Mardi out it behind u...:)

  2. happiness in a teenager is the most you could wish for...i think you are doing the right thing...and its obvious that X employer is a %$#@head...lol!

  3. Poor Brent, I am so glad he is enjoying new job. You are doing a fantastic job Mardi, spoil him all you can, coz in the future he want you to do it.....

    Cherie xx

  4. Anonymous1:26 pm

    I think you're doing great guns Mardi. I don't have teenagers but I was one once and heaven knows we don't wake up and know everything overnight (although at the time I'm sure I thought I did LOL). What a *&%^&* of an x-employer, just be glad of that 'X'. Have a great time this weekend, even if the timing is shite.

    Chrissy xxx

  5. Anonymous3:45 pm

    I "did" have a teenager - a stepdaughter BUT at the ripe old age of 18 years and 5 days she decided it was time to move in with her boyfriend ( actually with his family) . Yes she was great with work, paying bills, organising tax etc BUT did she ever think of anyone other than herself, did she take care of the possessions of others, did she clean up after herself, tidy her room, make her bed, NO. She has been given so much lovely jewellry over the years and has lost it all. She continually loses things.

    They all mature in different ways at different times. While mine may have the money thing sorted out she in no way has people skills or survival skills. She is always changt8ing direction/job/home with no thought to the consequences.

    Sounds to me like Brent is a great FAMILY member and considers others. In the long run I think people skills are far more important.

  6. I'm sure Brent is a pretty normal teen. I'm happy to hear how much better his new job is. What an awful intro into the workforce! It's so great that he got out of it. I can understand him not wanting to phone them. But I'd HATE to be in your shoes too, with that phone call. I'm not good at confrontations, even over the phone.

    But don't stress Mardi. It's all good now :)

  7. Have just played catch up mardi and read through this post and your last. I am soooo sorry that you had to deal with such a bozo. But i believe entirely that you do the right thing as a mother. How can we expect a child to become an adult if they are not taught the steps it takes to get there. You are an awesome mum to be there beside him - to show him what he needs to do and how to go about it.
    Chin up chicky - take no heed of the words from a Dip.

  8. Well comming from me lol, some one in his position i would be tellin the old boss to shove it, how the hell are we upposed to know whats what and what we are supposed to do I DONT THATS FOR SURE, lol, its all quite a strain if u ask me! And if we dont have some one teaching us then how do we learn how to do it for ourselves, kwim, well thats my opinion lol! SENDing Huggie wuggies Mardi :-)

  9. Fist may I say i just adore your LO in your last post i might have to use that title too I think if that ok?

    I'm 22 & my lovely fella is 24 we both own property and have always in someway relied on mum & dad to help us orgainse banks supa and lots of stuff my parents have key cards to my account with their own names on them so that they can pay bills for me. I'd always call myself an independant person but I know that my parents love helping me and I love that they like to be involved in helping me. And now that I live on the otherside of the world i'm so gratefull that I have them to do it for me.

    Even though my mum keeps telling me she'll start charging by the the hour and wants to give me an expense form for postage & fuel! lol)

    I'm glad Brent is happy in his job honestly what more can you ask for? (maybe a million $$ ROFL!!!)

    Have a great week,

    Cheers Lauren x

  10. Anonymous10:24 am

    I'm sorry to hear that Brent had a bad experience with his first employer Mardi! (I did too when I was 16 - a long time ago now!!) but you know what?! I think it makes you a stronger person and he will file that away mentally and he won't let someone do that to him again...it's all learning. Although sometimes it's a tough lesson.

    Glad to hear that he got another job and good for him to get straight back on the horse (so to speak)

    You are doing a fabulous job Mardi...I have a teenage sone too and he is absolutely hopeless with money and forms...he can't even bring his school notices home and he's 15 *rolls eyes* I think my DS is going to have many a tough lesson in life!


  11. Anonymous6:09 pm

    Sounds like this new job is so much better for him, I think you are doing what I would like to think I would do in your shoes, I would like to help Sarah with all that type of thing, it is hard to start the workforce when you are young let alone take on all the responsiblities that go with it, a gentle reminder is a good thing.