Mum and Dad visiting....

19 October 2006

its been so lovely to have them here. Truthfully though it doesnt seem anywhere near 6 months since Ive seen them.... time just flies. I have been lapping up having them around....even though Ive only spent one night at home with them...and an entire day in bed.....since Ive been on night shift since they arrived. Mum has ironed...cooked meals.....and persuaded Brent to tidy his room...Dad has fixed a power cord.....helped Ian unblock the septic (Nice!) and given me hope for the sickly frost bitten plants in my garden.

Today has been both a great day.....although this evening one thing after another has gone wrong....the septic blocked this morning...and the toilet was backing up (all fixed now) ..... I realised today that I still hadnt received a group certificate from Brents I asked Ian to phone him.... unfortunatly the phone went to message bank...and when they phoned back I answered....I explained that we still hadnt recieved a Group Certificate...and then he began to go on and on and on about the entire apprenticeship...until he had me in tears..... I can honestly understand why Brent was so adament he didnt want to phone him.... he had nothing nice to say about Brent....even saying the reason Brent didnt have a job anymore was because he wasnt responsible for himself...and Brent should be orgainising his superannuation...not me ( seriously though Brent.... has not got these life skills yet....Im sure he is a normal teenager who is learning and becoming more independant all the time.....and Im sure Mothers do these things for their kids!) ..anyway Blah!!!......I sometimes wish I was more assertive and could have given him a mouthful of how we felt...and the effect that this job had had on Brent....but I just listened...said yes at the appropriate times...apologised at the appropriate times...and then burst into tears.
Ohh...I should add he did promise to follow up the Group Certificate and mail it Im grateful for that.

How typical is this! ...... months ago I accepted an offer to attend a Volunteer Ambulance Training Session...I will accompany a Training Officer and observe how he delivers the session...and assist with the assessments. This hopefully will give me the confidence to actually facilitate some training sessions myself in the future....I have always had a wish to train Volunteers and so this is a fantastic step in that direction......well I leave tomorrow night and arrive home Saturday night...on the only weekend I have my parents typical is that? Murphys law works overtime in this house!......anyway...wish me luck!

Well..... bed is calling....but I hate to leave without sharing this layout was my example layout for Elsie's challenge # 51 (I think)...This challenge was to just tell a great layout is in the gallery at Riverland Scrapbooking ....
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.....well thats about it for tonight......I apologise for not getting around to everyones Blogs at the moment ...but Im really enjoying spending time with Mum and Dad while I can...and Ill be back to my Blog round soon ...take care ...hugs...Mardi x


  1. Enjoy your visitors Mardi. I do hope you get the stuff dorted out for Brents tax.

    Love the layout by the way. Looks awesome.

  2. Anonymous6:02 am

    Gorgeous page mardi.
    Know what you mean about teenagers not having the life skills. Been there with my step daughter - 3 jobs in 6 months - not sacked just quits for silly reasons. You just can't tell them !

  3. Oh that sucks. I hope you get to spend some quality time with your parents, somehow!
    How cute is Briony! I just adore that photo of her.
    BTW my MIL was still doing that kind of thing for her son and daughter in their mid twenties! Not for my DH - it's MY job to do that kind of thing for him! I hate doing it!

  4. Anonymous9:37 pm

    That's appalling news about the ex-employer. I'm sure it's law that he has to provide the group certificate - you can probably complain to the employment ombudsman if he doesn't provide it. What an a%^hole.
    I used to train volunteer ambulance cadets :). I was a volunteer for ages, until life got too busy with uni. Have fun with it!