3 November 2006

Before I forget..... this is my little creation to store all those little loyalty reward cards...that chock up my wallet.
Every single time I visit Gloria Jeans they ask if If have a rewards card...."yes" I say.....then I shuffle, sort, huff, and drop stuff out all over the counter....and do I ever find my card...NO!.....well not until Im lined up at Noodle Box....and I cant find the Noodle Box card...but Gloria Jeans is now staring me in the face......so in all the time Ive carried these cards...I have never ever claimed a reward...lol
So this is my answer....a little wallet of their own...which should keep them all together....I know Ill probably never use it.....Ill probably forget to put it in my handbag..seeing as I never use one.

Well...in other news.....my fridge drives me nuts......its too small and I want another one.

My nutrition plan from the Naturopath is in full swing .....it takes a bt of planning before I eat....but Ill see how I go...so far so good.

I finally caught up with Donna on the phone....I love to chat and it was so nice to finally catch up....Hugs to you guys ...thinking of you.

I got a text message yesterday afternoon....from a friend Leanne..... she was asking if Briony was ok...because Lucy (Leannes daughter) had a really bad feeling that something had happened to Briony....Arghh!...I felt immediatly sick..as Briony is about 5-6 hours away on a school camp ...I had a sudden urge to get in the car and drive....I just wanted her back!! ....I phoned Leanne and explained Briony was away....and thankfully Leanne said that Lucy's bad feeling had probably stemmed from the fact Briony wasnt returning SMS messages at the moment...Phew!...I really felt sick.

My bubby returns home from camp tonight!!!!! Yay!!!!!

My darling Brent came home with a surprise for me last night ..... got to love him....he just loves his plants now.... and I have some serious planting to do.

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Sometime yesterday.... the washing monster arrived at my house....he has spread baskets of clean wahing everywhere....he has dumped at least three baskets of ironing.....not to mention the pile he has left in the laundry.....Arghhh...drives me nutty.

Well...thats it for today....Im off to clean up AGAIN....then hopefully I might get to scrap for an hour or two....

Hugs Mardi x


  1. What a great Idea Mardi !!!!!!
    I can never be bothers fining my cards so I just say I don't have one and then they offer me another one and I just say No thanks..........

    What a lucky Mum you are getting all those beautiful plants!!!!

    Have fun cleaning up, I will email you later today about b's number.

    Take care
    Cherie xx

  2. WOW Mardi...those floweres look amazing..sure would love to have all those gorgeous colours in my garden

    and i totally UNDERSTAND about the FRIDGE thing....mine is too small too....there is always something isnt there

  3. Well Mardi u know how i feel about that little wallet! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE IT...........you better use it! All those plants are so lovely how nice! KNow what u mean about firdges been too small too, after getin my small fridge i dont think there is ever such thing as a too big a fridge! And im sure Briony is just fine (U NUTTER) lol, no thats a mums job to worry about her kids!

  4. Great wallet...and what a fabo idea! I'm the same..can never find what card I want and don't you look like an idiot digging for it?? LOL
    God love Brent...he just looks so much happier doesnt he? Surrounded by all those flowers and plants.
    I have to mention also, although I wasn't posting I was checking out a few blogs and I was a little dismayed to hear you were upset by Brents old boss and his nasty comments. He is nothing but a loser mate and it really is his loss not having Brent anymore. Blokes like him can never be satisfied and I'm glad that Brent got out when he did.
    My step-father is the same and has nothing nice to say about my brothers (although they are dickheads..LOL). Even when they have done good though..he never recognises it and it's not right. We all need a little praise every now and again.
    Take Care
    Sharryn :)

  5. Hiya Mardi....
    what a great idea for the loyalty cards - Im the same, can never find the blasted things when i need them.
    What a gorgeous gift you got, your garden is gonna look gorgeous.

  6. How good do Belinda & Makenzie look!
    He's so big now!
    Ur garden is gonna look so colourful with all those beaut. plants!.....How lucky r u!
    Briony is just fine u worry wart!!!
    & fantastic idea with the little wallet.
    Have a fantab. weekend

  7. Anonymous10:30 pm

    I loved your little wallet when I saw it first. Such an innovative use of the photo corners :). Poor you, getting so worried about Briony. I can understand though. What bad timing!

  8. Very cute little wallet Mardi! And the washing monster is going to visit here this afternoon too, I HATE washing!

  9. Anonymous8:06 am

    I SO love your little wallet. I've never seen photo corners used as tabs - I think that's AWESOME!