...a message from Belinda.....

2 November 2006

I had a lovely visitor yesterday.....Belinda and Makenzie popped in and it was Soooo lovely to see them......I miss Belinda like crazy. I used to love chatting on the phone every now and then...and not that we saw a lot of each other...it was just lovely to be able to catch up occassionally for a chin wag. I used to love visiting her Blog....and just genrerally having her around......but its not for ever...and I know she will be back....for those that dont know...Belinda has moved approx 50min's away...while they build their new home.....poor Belinda doesnt have internet...or even landline phone...so she's a little harder to stay in touch with.

Now I know a lot of you are also friends with Belinda....and I have passed on everyones well wishes as many of you have asked me too.....but Belinda also wanted to let you know...how very much she appreciated people thinking of her...and to tell you all...that she misses everyone very much. Belinda has very limited access to the internet.... only connecting while visiting her parents...but she does occassionally get to read some Blogs...but doesnt get the time for a good catch up and comment. If anyone would like her mobile phone number so that they can SMS her...I have permission to pass it on..please let me know....as this is the only really reliable communication she has and it makes her day to receive a message...(actually I added that bit myself...LOL....but I bet it does!)

How cute is this boy?....and Belinda too of course... she is such a sweet and lovely friend...and I cant believe how much I miss her.

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So.... Im just sending this big ((((HELLO))))) from Belinda........

Mardi x


  1. OH HOW cute are those too...little mackenzie is already growing up...i would love belindas mobile number...would really love to send her a text

  2. SO CUTE.......... Great Photo

    I am missing B too, cant wait to catch up with her (and you) at the end of this month.

    I think I already have her number but could you please email me it just in case.

    Talk soon

  3. Anonymous10:41 pm

    Oh Mardi, Iam always behind on your posts, but I so enjoy reading your blog, your layouts are stunning, love the adore layout. and such a gorgeous photo.

  4. Anonymous8:13 am

    Hi Mardi! I am at Nellie's place and we have been thinking of you and Belinda lots...can you please email me or pm me thru Scrapboxx (or Nellie) with your mobile number, and then I will pass mine on to you for B? We would both love to send B a text! We will be out a lot today but I can receive email thru my mobile. Hope you can make sense of this email lol...chat to you soon and wishing u and B were here for a chat and scrap too :O)


    Luv Karen (Ridgeway) xoxoxoxo