...a catchup of all the things I forgot yesterday....

28 November 2006

* do you ever read back your blog and realise you've missed a heap of things you wanted to mention...well that was me yesterday.....so here goes....

* The scrapping day ...well not only was I thrilled to meet all the girls who attended ... I was also dissapointed that gorgeous Cherie could not be there ...it was a very loooong trip for Cherie....and it wasnt practical this time...... but we will definatly be catching up in the future for sure. But.... gorgeous Cherie...sent Champagne and white chocolate for us to share ... (as these are her favourites..and Im pretty fond of them myself)...and Cherie....I want to let you know how much we appreciated your kind gesture..... and also to know that your champagne is the reason my chip holder project looks like a piano accordian.....lol
... seriously though ...we thought of you constantly throughout the day...and were missed by all.

I did get the photo of Lisa's chip holder project uploaded this morning ...this is actually everyones all lined up...they looked fantastic.... mine is third from the left.

* Next I wanted to mention how thrilled I was to see my gorgeous friend Janelle's layout on the front of the Scrapbooking Memories calendar for 2007....Janelles photography is always first class.....and its just a beautiful layout.

I havent got my copy of SM this month yet ...but apparently Janelle and I are side by side in the 'Hot off the press' gallery ... I couldnt be more happy ...what a lovely page buddy.

anyway these papers were a real challenge for me...whats new?...everything is a challenge for me.....lol
So ...this is my layout .... it is based on a story Briony wrote at school when she was younger..... it was such a cute story about the 'Chocolate Family'.....

* I am also tickled pink to be doing some class samples for Kim's Christmas Extravaganza online class ...honestly Kim has the most wonderful projects planned.... everyone booked in for this class is in for an absolute treat. These projects have been SO much fun.... and Im just honoured to have been able to contribute...... all of the guest designers are such awesome talents and gorgeous girls too..... I dont think Kim has any idea how much Im enjoying this journey....

* I actually just scrapped a page for no reason yesterday ...wow ..that felt good.... no restriction on product..... it didnt have to be spectacular..... it wasnt being judged .... it wasnt to be kept under wraps.... it didnt have to have an amazing photo .... it was just because..... now..dont get me wrong...I love oppurtunities to push and challenge myself...theres just been a lot at once lately...and to just create for no reason felt good. So today I want to finish off a SM commissioned layout..and start on the Scrapboxx DT competition layout ....Ooooohh.. scary.

* Brent and Alex arrived home from Schoolies yesterday .... tired... Alex was hoarse... and Brent was a tad tetchy.... but they had an ok time.... though they both thought it was a little over-rated ... they didnt have any trouble...didnt get in to any trouble .... so it looks like I worried for nothing apparently....Phew..

* Im cheif diorama assistant today....Mitch has a an exhibition coming up at school..... he has chosen the war .... we have a green battlefield sitting here in the kitchen..... today when the paint is dry...I have to create bomb craters with dirt and glue..... Mmmmm...lucky me....lol

* well thats it for today....Ill catch up on all the things Ive missed tomorrow..... blogger wont allow me to upload anymore photos today...I had one of my layout and another of the diorama in progress ...they will have to wait......

Mwahhhh everyone
Mardi x


  1. What a gorgeous thing to scrap Mardi. Briony's story....does she remember writing it?
    Love the lo BTW....& what is wrong with the chip holder??? Nothing I bet. I have no idea about the stress of creating with the restrictions but I can see how it would be draining the mojo.
    U've got talent girl...so u can't go into hiding IYKWIM?

  2. Mardi, I am yet to see you and Nellie in SM, but I can't WAIT!!! I am going to rush over to Mum's in the morning for a squizzy as she just got hers and I am BUSTING to see your gorgeous work in there!!!!! I am so thrilled for you guys :o)

    Good on you for scrapping what you wanted, how you wanted, just for you...we all need to do that more often. It sure is nice to do it, isn't it???? YAY for you Mardi!!! And your LO is stunning, too ;D

    Hope all is well in your world gorgeous - thinking of you and sending {{{{HUGS}}}} your way - GOOD LUCK with the DT comp!!!!

    Luv Karen xoxoxoxo

  3. Anonymous11:32 pm

    Loving the pages as Usual Mardi.

    You definately have some talent there Missy.

  4. Anonymous5:12 pm

    You don't sound up yourself at all Mardi. So glad everything is happening for you scrapping wise. Where did you get your SM diary from? x

  5. Anonymous5:15 pm

    P.S. I'm on leave and have signed up for the extravaganza - I can't wait!!!