Gee....Im a dingbat....

28 November 2006

..a total dingbat.
Well this is my simple...for fun layout from yesterday .... the white hasnt photgrpahed real well ...but you get the idea... I am now the proud owner of some circle cutters....thanks be tuned.... more circle layouts to come.....I love them.
Now...heres where the dingbat bit comes in ...this morning I mentioned how lovely it was just to do this layout for fun...with no restrictions ect.... now when I read it back it sounded as though I was always swamped with de da... I am unfortunatly nowhere near that .... I just for some reason have had some wonderful oppurtunities in the last weeks..... of course these oppurtunities have come at the same time that work and life have been busy.... so it just feels like that... due to circumstances.... not because Im in anyway important. Now of course Im such a worry wart...I need to clarify everything.... doh.

OK while Im is another layout scrapped for the Riverland Scrapping Day.... the challenge was to scrap a layout about ourselves....... mine titled "all about Mardi"..... reads:
Loyal friend, Worry wart (see told ya), good sense of humour, online forum chatter, good listener, sensitive (hell yeah!), impatient (thats the truth!), terrible singer (but that doesnt stop, full time worker (worst luck), lazy cook (thats no secret), scrapbooker, cold frog, un-coordinated (I cant catch, hit or do clutz), mother of teens (Argh!) .....

Well ...Ive finished option one layout from the Scrapboxx BOS today...... Ive made some bomb craters and trenches on the diorama..... Ive cleaned, washed, made beds and done dishes (twice)...... Ive drank 40 cups of coffee, wiped my forehead in exasperation 198 times.... eaten peanut butter on toast for lunch ...because Im lazy remember ... made two blog entries..... finally made contact with a dear friend...... emailed FK to ask why my layout is in the contents page...but not in the magazine...... berated myself for not being on my favourite forums...... felt like Im out of touch and no one has
Oh.... looking at that layout of me...Im not jaundiced ...the layout just looks yellowy for some reason....... oh..and thanks so much Janelle..for helping me out each and every time Ive been stuck are a treasure.
Well .... best get to cooking dinner....Im not the most popular wife already better make a damn impressive mince for
Thats if I can get anyone out of the pool to eat it..... they are living in the water at the moment.
Sorry Mitchell diorama ...still wont upload to blogger...tomorrow maybe.
Mardi x


  1. Mardi
    youre not a dingbat- youre just a dag! how could anyone think youre 'la de dah'- you deserve every opportunity you get, and should grab it with glee, and enjoy it , and not worry about what others think or feel the need to clarify. Cant wait to see what youre doing for Kim, and hope dinner was good LOL

  2. Mardi your banner is awesome....who did it....sorry im totally illiterate when it comes to this stuff LOL....great beat mine up...better pull my finger out and put some up hey LOL

  3. Anonymous11:07 pm

    LOL, you do worry! You didn't come across at all self important last post, so don't stress.
    Sorry to hear about the FK mix-up. Have they just done like a "teaser" in the contents and then forgotten to put the page in the actual gallery? What a bummer!
    I have no idea what a diorama is... best wait for the pic, I guess.

  4. I love it mardi...and you dont look Jaundice to!
    What did you use for your title?...looks great

  5. I am so glad you are already enjoying your circle cutters.........The LO is beautiful.........

    If being a worry wort makes you who you are then don't change coz you are just gorgeous the way you are.......

    Talk soon

    Cherie xx

  6. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Oh you are funny Mardi! As if we would have taken your comments as you being "all that" LOL. I'm thrilled that you are getting some well deserved opportunities - this is your time to shine so make the most of it :-)

    Love that circle layout - this one and the others I saw on Saturday are making me regret selling mine....


  7. Have to agree with the other ladies here Mardi - never thought it sounded 'la de dah' lol - great way of describing it by the way.
    Loooove the layouts here, you always produce such awesome work and i always love seeing it. Hopefully the problem with FK works out and can't wait to see the Diorama.
    take care.....

  8. Of course ur IMPORTANT!!!! & Like everyone else has deserving of everything u have achieved with scrapping....So just don't read ur posts back...they are fine!
    Love the lo' the added descrip's that u put in ur blog.
    Rofl Mardi...join the club...feel so outta touch with everyone it's just not funny!

  9. Anonymous9:21 pm

    Oh you are SO all that AND some!

    Why would we keep on coming back for more if you werent :)

    Have a great Thursday.

  10. Hey dingbat! Stop being such a worry wart. We all love you!!
    I love both these layouts. All those circles are so cool! I'm a little afraid of circles. And boy did I love your Product Challenge layout in SM! I had a different range in the same challenge and found it really hard too, but yours is just fantastic!
    I know what you mean about scrapping for you. I am totally loving what I'm doing for Kim's Extravaganza, but not getting much other scrapping done. But it's all so inspiring I'll probably be scrapping twice as much when it's all over!

  11. Anonymous5:40 pm

    Hi Mardi, loving your simple layout, looks awesome so funky, and your layout on yourself is lovely also.

    I hope you have a great week.

    Best Wishes

  12. Anonymous1:51 pm

    yes Mardi, I love all your worka nd I don't think your anymore of a dingbat than the next person PMSLOL!! You are a sensetive chook but that's why we love you so much.
    You definately are not forgotten or overlooked. I think we have all been busy in the lead up to christmas and alot of ppl have had sick kids too.
    I totally love your banner too Mardi. It is so totally awesome. As is that photo of the lightnening.