Quick update ....

8 November 2006

Very quick post this morning......
* I have finally planted my seedling..... onbviously with the water restrictions at the moment...I plated them all in a couple of clumps..... less water required...but I should still get some nice colour...thats if the snails dont get them.
*The FK Elite team have been announced .. .. what wondefully talented girls...congratutlations.
* Poor Chris left Idol on Monday night..... I think Dean should have gone based on voice...but obviously Dean has a huge fan base with all the teeny boppers.....so he was safe again. I still have my heart set on gorgeous little Jess.
*I had no luck with the Melb. cup yesterday .... I had a little dibble on Zipping....who I picked by an extremely complex method...... of shutting my eyes and dropping my index finger onto the sweeps list...... and obviously my finger was a little of target.
* I have my online class with KIM today...and Im actually prepared....
* I still havent set foot in that scraproom.....I have even more to do now....and even less time to do it.
*We have family coming to stay for the weekend.... My Brother , SIL and 4 kids...and Im wildly excited....and cant wait..... I adore these guys!
*Briony has a friend coming to stay as well.....it just worked that way ...the more the merrier.
*Brionys basketball began their season last night .... they lost by a considerable amount .... Briony feels the teams are quite un-even....and the team they played last night was a team of very experianced girls...whereas her team had a few that had played before....and three girls who were haivng their first introduction to the game. I explained to her that anyone can win a game of Basketball....but not everyone could take three girls...make them feel comfortable...teach them how to play and enjoy the game .... she agreed wholeheartedly and related the tale of a girl from last season who joined and was so nervous she didnt want to set foot on the court..and now has signed up for another season this year....... and I remember being very proud at the end of last season when this girls mother ...personally thanked Briony for making such a difference...for taking the time to include her DD and encourage her.
* Lots of get well vibes and good luck to Ann..... a friends sister who is recovering from surgery.....you are in my thoughts.
* Lots of love and wishes to Lucy too ...you know you are in my thoughts every minute of every day.... as is your family.
*Brent and Alex hit their six month anniversary yesterday .... I honestly though it may have been longer...I seriously cant remeber the time she wasnt around ...they celebrated by going out to dinner (at Macca's would you beleive..lol)
Well thats it for this morning...I was going to upload a piccie... but Mr Blogger is unfair....
Have a great day...
Mardi x


  1. LOL at the Macca's anniversary dinner....big spender! But if its something they both like, well why not?!?
    Hope your seedlings grow well and give you lots of colour.
    Have a good week!

  2. have a great weekend catching up with your brother and family Mardi - hope you can find some time to get back into your scraproom soon.
    Sounds like Briony has the perfect sportsmanship attitude and i hope her team does well for the season.
    take care

  3. Hi chickadee,
    Brent sounds like my romantic hubby...20 something years on and we're still having Maccas for anniversarys!! :)
    Glad to hear you've had a chance to plant your seedlings..they sound lovely.
    Have an awesome weekend with all the family. I did try and comment on your last post but Mr Blogger must be hearing all these comments us scrap chicks are leaving him..LOL He hasn't let me upload anything for ages!!

  4. Hi Mardi,

    You sound like you have your hands full!! A full house is always lots of fun. Briony sounds like she is a true sports woman with such a fab attitude to the game!

    Have a great weekend!


  5. What a great kid you have in Briony. I bet you're very proud :)

    Hope you enjoyed Kim's class yesterday and have a fantastic weekend! Sounds like it will be a great one :)

  6. See Briony is a good reflection of how u have brought her up! & how caring & sharing she can be to other kid's.
    He he love the anniversary @ McDonalds.....hey at least he took her out mine Glenn didn't do a thing...sad really!..lol
    Good to see u have ur seedlings planted; hope the snails stay away!