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10 November 2006

Well...Im back to days off again ..Yay!
I have to clean the house today ready for my influx of house guests...and I also have a visit back to my Naturopath ...probably to be told....Im a lost cause.... because I dont follow instructions very well ...I have been trying very hard most of the time....but Im a little prone to falling of the wagon and putting contraband foods in my mouth ... oh..well...Ill do it...but it may be slightly slower....

Well...Im going to start with a high...... the gorgeous and talented Kim Archer ... its been no secret that her online classes are wonderful.... Kim's instructions are clear and easy to follow ... the layouts always have lots of Kim touches and a fun feel..... the journalling prompts are very adaptable and Im now getting a collection of 'Kim' themed layouts that I absolutley adore .... (so make sure you watch Kims Blog for up coming classes )... . Oops...back to the subject...well imagine my delight when Kim actually asked me to be one of her guest designers and to complete a class sample.... I was totally blown away ...especially to be included among a group of the most talented girls and dear friends..... Janelle , Yvette , Julie and Fiona .....I had so much enjoyment from my involvement ...and the class examples although all based on Kims original sample...all turned out so differently with each girls unique stamp on it. So Kim asked me to complete a sample for her 'Layout within' class .... I couldnt stop at was such a great layout design.... so here are my examples....
#1 - the three kids....

#2 - my gorgeous snuggle niece Evie

and finally layout created as a participant in Kims second class "Who would have imagined"..... I just love the photo of Briony and Lucy and had wanted to scrap it again for a while.....this was the perfect layout for it....
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting onto the Bad news...... I have been looking forward to a scrapping event that was to be held in the Riverland in Novemeber..... unfortunatly in the country..we get zero oppurtunity to meet and when the Riverland Scrapping Spectacular was organised I was so totally excited..... I was going to meet Donna Wild...Tracy Watson and Samantha Dorn..... pinch me!
I was also looking forward to meeting some online friends that Id never met IRL ... (and its sad I know)...but this was a real highlight on my calendar..... well as of yesterday it has been cancelled...sob sob. I was shattered...but then decided why not still meet and scrap as planned .... so at least I will still get to meet some of the girls...... we just wont have the wonderful instructors and classes I was so longing for. Oh..well ...unfortunatly in the country...its too hard to drum up the support and attendance an event like this requires..... so the moral is....if you are a diehard scrapbooker.... dont settle in the
So if anyone wants to add their name to the list...and come and spend a full day and into the night of scrapping...chatting....laughing....dialling for pizza ....brewing coffee.....laughing....chatting and maybe a minute or two of scrapping..... let me know ...ohh...its to be held on Saturday 25th November.

Well...Im off to send in my next entry to the Boxx DT competition..... I have procrastinated way to much this round....I have a bad feeling....and hey! thats ok....its been fun up to now.

Have a super duper weekend
Mardi x


  1. Mardi, I am quite sure that you have nothing to worry about with your DT entry, but I know how you feel. I have a feeling too!
    Fantastic news about the guest DT with Kim!!! Congrats!!! And you can see why she asked you, amazing work girlie!
    What a pity about the scrapping spectacular, but I am sure you will have just as much fun with Mardis scrapping spectacular!
    Hope you have a fabulous few days off and gets lots of scrapping done....dont worry about the house, its only going to get messy anyway! LOL

  2. I feel exactly the same about my DT entry... but I've decided I'm going for the originality factor!

    That is so sad about the scrapping event. It sounded fantastic - a great bunch of scrappers. I had been looking forward to it FOR you!

    I LOVE your KA samples. They are so gorgeous and so different. I was SO stoked to be a guest designer too :)

  3. LOVE your Kim inspired layouts...they are FABULOUS
    BUMMER about the Nov Scrapbooking event....i would have come if i could....Im sure you will still have a good time at YOUR scrap see pics please!
    Spoke to Belinda was great...

  4. Anonymous12:20 pm


    Good luck with your DT entry. Your work is so amazing. Know that there is someone across the pond cheering for you! WooHoo!
    I just love your new designs.. GORGEOUS! You work always amazes me.


  5. Anonymous2:25 pm

    GORGEOUS LOs, i love your work girl. How sad about the scrapping day, You know I have never been to a scrapping day/retreat/anything yet! one day :)

  6. Fantastic news on the Guest DT Mardi - how cool is that! But then your work is awesome Mardi and these layout show it, both look absolutely fantastic.
    Shame about the getaway falling through, but the alternative is sounding fun - so fingers crossed it goes ahead with no probs.
    Take care and enjoy your days off......

  7. Anonymous8:09 pm

    Your layouts looks totally AWESOME Mardi!!! and fingers crossed for the Boxx DT :0)


  8. Anonymous11:27 pm

    Congrats on being asked to scrap some pages for Kim. They look fabbo!
    Sorry to hear about the scrap get-together. I'd love to join you all... but... maybe one day when Jamie's a bit older I'll leave him with his Dad (dream on!) and come up for the weekend.
    Good luck with the Boxx DT entry. Knowing the standard of your work, I'm sure you're going to blow us all away again.

  9. Wow Mardi, those LO's are all sooooo gorgeous. Love the bubby one ... but I might be biased with the pink on it ;)

    Good luck with your DT entry. I'll hope for the best for you!

    Sorry to hear your scrapping event has been cancelled, that is no good!

  10. What absolutely gorgeous layouts Mardi, mind you I expect nothing less of you ;). Huge congrats on being Kims guest DT member, You go girl.
    Wish I was closer and I would pop over for your November Scrap session.
    Good luck with your DT entry. I know you will give it your best :)
    Take care B

  11. Anonymous8:27 pm

    Oh you lucky thing, to be asked to do layouts for Kim... and they're sensational layouts too!

    And best of luck for the Scrapboxx DT comp - you're work is stunning Mardi.

    So sorry to hear the Spectacular was cancelled... I'll email you as I need to come up and see Cheryl and was hoping to catch up with you then.


  12. beeeutiful Los Mardi
    hope youre having fun with your guests- keep going with the natropath- youre my guinea pig y'know- im watching your progress with interest, as Ive been thinking of going to one myself fo awhile

  13. Anonymous2:58 pm

    Congratulations Mardi, for making it through to the next round :)
    I totally love your LO's that you have scrapped for Kim! Just beau-ti-ful!

  14. Anonymous4:31 pm

    Hi Mardi, I love the layouts that you did in Kims class just gorgeous, loving the pink just so pretty.

    And a big congrats on the DT spot well done, you will have a ball.

    I am so sorry about your scrapping day, you are like me, I don't have the opportunity that often, so when it comes up it is very exciting, but at least you will still be able to do some scrapping, whatever happens I hope you still have a lovely time.

  15. Good to see u have some days off!
    Fantabulous news about the guest DT spot with Kim! Wow. U know u have some fabbo lo's!
    I know what u mean about being in the country!....Have fun with the girls when u's meet up!
    Have a nice few days off.

  16. Great LO's Mardi I love how they are all so different. I hope that you drum up some support and I'm sure those of you who get together will have a blast. I've never meet up with any of my online friends only Carole and thats cause she used to live next door to me before I moved accross the world. lol Best of luck with the DT LO too i'm sure its fab.

    Have a great week,
    Lauren x

  17. Anonymous10:08 am

    These lo's are stunning, Mardi! You do such gorgeous work...I'm always inspired! :)

    It IS a shame about the scrapping spectacular cancellation. I was just as much looking forward to meeting YOU as the rest of the girls. I still believe very strongly that country areas need to be 'remembered' with events such as this. I live in a country town myself so I'm speaking from experience. lol!

    Perhaps there will be another opportunity later down the track - fingers crossed, huh?