...wel its been a very eventful 24hrs....

30 November 2006

.... Im not sure where to start really..... its just been one of those days ( well really more like two) .... so Ill begin with this photo ...Ian captured this a week ago ....we had a wonderfully stormy night and the lightening was spectacular....unfortunatly there was very little rain (and thats another story) ... but it was an awesome sound and light show..... what I wasnt thinking of at the time though...was the effect this lightening would have on our drought affected country..... from that night a large numbers of spot fires were started...and now a week or so on...we are actually facing some enormous fires in our region. I worked today and although we were not directly tasked to any fire situations..we were preparing in readiness...and praying that the winds wouldnt increase. As I left work the fire was apparently quite close to a town about 8kms form here .... my nieces in-laws have had to evacuate ...and who knows really how serious it may become overnight. Fortunalty we are VERY SAFE...we are surrounded my vines.....and it is very irrigated in our district...the fire is only of danger in the outer scrub land regions. I realise this photo doesnt look very spectacular but it is a view of the lake with the smoke haze and soot very clearly blanketing the sky. It had such an eerie feeling today....everything was clouded by smoke....you could smell it...soot was floating in the air....and the sky looked totally eerie ... like nah nah nah nah nah nah ... twilight zone.

Next on the agenda is my boy........ Brent
...he arrived home from work last night and announced that next week will be his last
..... as he works in a Nursery ...the drought and water restrictions have had a huge effect...and unfortunatly he and 6 others were all put off ... great!
So hopefully he will pick up something else....and life will go on .... good thing he saved furiously while he had a job...and planned for such an event....NOT!

Ohhh...while on the topic of Brent ...he arrived home from Schoolies ...pulled his white $100+ Quicksilver jacket from his bag...and said those famous words "do you think this will come out?" ...there was this once white jacket splattered completley with green fluoescent glow stick.... apparently it exploded..and in his words he was walking around looking like a 'solar system'.....I could choke him sometimes..... so its soaking....and Mr Napisan better be doing the job.

Well .... still heaps off stuff on my plate ...but Im slowly plodding through them .... Im loving completing my contributions for Kims Christmas Exravaganza
Im still procrastinating over some layouts ....Im waiting on my Scrapboxx Secret Santas address to finalise that (felt like a total dickhead making a post about it on the Boxx today...dont you hate it when you get nearly no reply.....it made me feel totally embarrassed and want to retract it..I seem to do that lots latley...lol).... I have a package waiting to get to gorgeous Cherie (Just waiting on some photos) ..... I have a little job to do for Fleur (I havent forgotten) ...Im going to ROBBIE WILLIAMS next week .... Hooley ...did you hear that IM GOING TO ROBBIE WILLIAMS NEXT WEEK...... Im expecting a Prima Flower swap in the mail (Thankyou darling Moi) ..... I havent got my SM yet...but my friend Yvette is also in the same gallery as Janelle and I apparently.
So sorry to garble ..... Hi Lucy ((waves)))
Mardi xx


  1. Anonymous9:53 pm

    That's an awesome photo Mardi! Wow!

    I heard about the Riverland fires this morning from the guy I saw last weekend, he was out fighting the one near Waikerie - then he told me about the big fire near Monash... My gosh, I hope everyone stays safe.

    What a pain about Brent's job. I hope he's able to find something else soon.

  2. Great Photo's, Ian did a great job with the lightening photo........its really hard to get a good lightening shot........

    Poor Brent, hopfully something will come up for him soon.....

    Fires are very very scary, my DH is in the CFA and last week we had a very large fire not far from town and sadly a old couple lost there home, I think we are in for a very very bad fire season.........

    Take care and I am looking forward to the parcel, you are too kind..

    Talk soon
    Cherie xx

  3. hi Mardi
    love the lightening photo. I didnt realise there were such bad fires over there. Als brigade was asking for volunteers to go to Sydney for the fires here, but i hadnt heard what was happening your way, lets all hope that they can all be back under control or out before things get any worse. I was in the city (melb) the day we got a dust/ ash cloud from the fires in 1983 ? scariest thing- the whole sky turned brown.
    im sad to ear about Brents job too, I hope he can find something fairly quickly.
    hope everything calms down for you, cant wait to see what you have done for Kim- I will be joining in next week )
    ps im waiting for my secret santa addy too grrrr- i couldnt find your post though

  4. oh wow...how awesome is that LIGHTNING strike...you are such a good photographer Mardi

    how did the jacket turn out?

    thanks again for doing my little surprise...love ya

  5. Anonymous11:07 am

    Wow Mardi! Tough time you have been having lately! Sorry to hear about it all!

    Love the photo your hubby took of the lightning

    And how lucky are you!! Robbie Williams!! Sounds divine!

  6. Anonymous2:44 pm

    I thought about you when I heard about the fire. I woke up at 2am that morning and could smell the smoke. I thought our garage was on fire, lol. (I *was* half asleep). But, no we were quite safe. The fire was several hours drive away, rofl.

    Sorry to hear about Brent's job. I hope he finds another one soon.

    The photos look magnificent.

    And LOL at posts that no-one replies to. I know all about those!

  7. Wow what awesome photos. Pity they brought fire and not rain. We had bad fires about 4 years ago. The sky was black at 3pm. We could see the fires on the hills over the valley. So eerie.
    Oh I'm disappointed for Brent about his job. You often mention on your blog how much he loves it. Hope he finds something he enjoys just as much.
    LOL at Robbie Williams. I have a few friends going to the Sydney concert. Makes me giggle :D

  8. Anonymous8:20 am

    WOW Mardi, that photo is amazing, but the consequences of it are frightening. Hope Brent finds somthing quickly. Take care, Deexx

  9. Have fun at Robbie! That photo is amazing and hopefully Brent will pick up something soon.

  10. what an AWESOME photo of the lightning Mardi!!! Hoping the wind stayed away and they were able to battle the fires safely.
    Keeping fingers crossed that Brent has no probs picking up another job......oh and that nappysan does its magic.
    take care chicky......

  11. How fantab. is that photo!
    Hope the winds dyed down & didn't cause n e more havock. Hope u's are still safe.
    I'm sure Brent will find another job in no time!
    Have a blast @ Robbie Williams concert...lucky girl!